For Sale: Fresh tweed for hats just in

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  • stop press......

    just a quicky to point any one waiting to see the new Linton tweed in the direction of

    had a loverrrly time up nrth

    there will be more tweeds arriving on tuesday so look back

    im trying to catch up with whats going on on here but theres just so much,

    (velocity boy pointed out just how rubbish my discussion title was so im re-posting it)

  • can someone explain to me what this thread is about - ta.

  • a fella called vaz i think?

  • mr smeear-

    what tweed do you think would be most suitable for my tyres


  • if your going to be riding round the east i suggest someting in the gold tread pattern, good for the glass and cobbles

    however if your planning on going a little further, say a jaunt into the country i would suggest something a little more robust for the tires,

    Rupert the bear and the check to the far right would serve you well,

  • bueller....bueller?!?!

  • you got his fashion taste :P

  • what whould you say his look is?

    im seeing waist coats, and pocket watch/key chain with high waisted pressed slacks and white brogues

    but im also seeing a a pissy attempt at a thriller style leather jacket

    im confused....but i think i like it :P

  • it's you

  • you for got the stretched ears and cycling cap :P

    other than that its spot on

  • even the above was extending my ms paint skills :p

  • i like the bucks.

  • i like bucks too...

  • Sure it's been mentioned hereabouts before, but...

  • OK fellas and fellaetts, even more tweed has been posted and the blog updated with lots of goodness

    including a loverly njs cap (if you like that sort of thing)

  • hey Chris, just a lil whisper to let ye know i'd like a hat made out of that all black tweed, please?????
    a red beak maybe and perhaps a lightning bolt somewhere?

  • haha its funny you say that cause thats what i was thinking for you, i have just cut out some nice purple lightning bolts actually,
    i was thinking you might want a lill fur on the inside of the ear flaps as well!

  • i'm not really into 'fixed gear - related fashion', but how cool would a NJS hat be!?!?

    Hella cool.

  • so you like

    i might do a small run of them if people like them?
    what ya think?

  • Ok, but make the NJS sign different colours, so they can all be unique! i like that idea.

  • oh yes of course, thats the point, even when i do small batch runs and limited edition stuff they are all slightly different, even if its just tiny details like stitching

  • yep, i'm excited...

  • yo yo yo smeear lovin the tweed gonna need sumthin with earflaps pretty soon can you fit me in somewhere after the razzle dazzle is done please

  • Hi Smeear i took a crafty look at the NJS cap..... Looks cool..... looks like others have the same idea as me.

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For Sale: Fresh tweed for hats just in

Posted by Avatar for big_mummy_smeear @big_mummy_smeear