How not to lock your bike

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  • hm.. is there a subversive message here?

    (edit: the picture wasn't working when I posted, I'm not that thick!)

  • He's quite right.

    I don't lock my bike like that.

    I haven't got one.

  • It is a subconscious plea for bike thieves to take that piece of shit away.

  • My little brother locked up my old Kona mountain bike like that many many years back, you can guess the result.

  • Fratricide?

  • BringMeMyFix Fratricide?


  • This is worse than freelocking.

  • you know the thing where you lock the wheel to the frame but nothing else.

  • i find that absolutely hilarious.

  • i left my bike locked to a lamp-post by spitalfields market on a saturday a few months ago. i locked it through the frame.

    when i came back i realsied i hadn't, in fact, locked it throguh the frame at all. what i'd actually done was wrap the lock around the frame (and by frame i mean top tube only), then left it there for 2 hours to see if anyone fancied a go.


  • ditto

  • Yoo hoo hippy, fresh food for you...

  • If you count 3 years old as fresh I hope you're not a greengrocer

  • Does something bad happen if he goes a day without a merge?

  • Yeah, you create parallel universes.

  • This was too bad to go unrecorded:

    Lock round a bollard and the seatpost. It was in between two banks of Barclays Bikes, so the only thing it had going for it was a poor attempt at camouflage.
    (it was so badly, and obviously badly, locked that I assumed it was just some kind of bait bike)

  • Yoo hoo hippy, fresh food for you...

    Tobias, you blow hard.

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How not to lock your bike

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