"A Sunday In Hell" Paris-Roubaix

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  • I found a copy of Breaking Away online, in French! That kinda makes it even more awesome. I might watch it anyway even though my French is piss poor. I've seen it before anyway so I know what's going on, sort of.

  • Yeah, moser catching the breakway, flying along with his body completely still and horizontal. fantastic.

  • i bets hops sat in the back row at the cinema !!! ;-)

  • kin great film...loved it. Eddy merckx has OCD though.

  • Was fantastic...

    Did anyone pick up why Merckx missed the break?

  • No, which I found a bit unsatisfying. The commentator just said something like "...which Merckx inexplicably missed..".

    Maybe there was an explanation in French or Italian or Flemish?

  • I thought that it was strange that he was leading the chase so hard, following the two man 'decoy' breakaway.

    Towards the end of the film, he had a large sticking plaster on his elbow - I was wondering if he had crashed...

  • he had that at the beginning, when they stopped for a strike and he measured up the bike.

  • Merckx was way past his top by 1976. Most of his big victories including the 5 tours were from before 1976.

  • Milan San Remo in 1976 was pretty much his last big win..

  • I was just on the itbox in the bar- and a question said:
    At which sport did Eddy Merckx excel?
    It was exciting.

  • that was a great movie. i think i would have rather raced in the rain than in all that dust; that just looked like a bitch to breathe in. i also didn't realize that moser was coming into his prime around then.

    when the lot of us were leaving the theater i heard this:
    middle-aged woman 1: [scoffing] couriers
    middle-aged woman 2: well what did you expect?

    as far as i know, no one in the group of us that went did anything to get in these people's way. i found it amusing.

  • awesome, finally, after years of trying, i get mistaken for a courier.

    i'm saving the courier principle for the old ladies at the bfi. baudrillard would love me.

  • fakenger till i die!

  • when the lot of us were leaving the theater i heard this:
    hippy: [scoffing] check out those slags.. bound to be cheap at their age
    kilgore_trout: bagsie the one with the blue rinse


  • hey man, you gotta be assertive in your dibs, otherwise you get the uggos or seconds.

  • were you there, hippy?

  • Yes, but I can turn myself invisible at will, so you probably didn't see me.

  • but you might have felt his invisible touch....

  • as long as you don't feel him coming in the air tonight....

  • euuughhh

    hippy's sticky white love piss coating the screen at the NFT

  • Does anyone on here have a copy? I was watching a few exerts on You Tube. It was only 10 minute sections though.

    I would really appreciate if any of you kind people would send me a copy on DVD, I am happy to pay for postage via a deposit in your paypal .:)

  • I've got it on video if that's any good?

  • Sorted, thanks to kind folk off here.

    Many thanks :)

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"A Sunday In Hell" Paris-Roubaix

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