The Richmond Park 3-Lap Challenge

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  • someone i know pointed me to this

    Lap times etc

    3 laps in under an hour is the benchmark, 51 minutes if you're a nutter.

  • i reckon we get hippy out there, surely with his riding skills, sub 50 easy

  • especially if he's all greased up in his pants

  • 36k under 50min. Yeah, possibly. Fixed or geared? Greased or ungreased?

    I looked at the link..­.php?t=12524787&postdays=0&postorder=asc­&start=330&sid=e04c48e9785331bbd16b16583­a33fc2b
    there's only three people on it that weigh more than me..

  • fixed list. 1 lap sprint. how long did we take the other day??

  • we were slowish the other day, good pace downhill and on the flat back to the cafe but uphills were a bit slow.
    i can't see how you can get close to those times though as having a freewheel means you can go a lot faster downhill.

  • Yeah, we rolled out very slow. It was like 25min for that lap I think.

  • more like 28, ya slowing doooon.

  • they are looking around the hour mark for 3 laps on fixed.

    as they say, I can imagine the last hill on lap 3 might sting, unless you are a right uphill gardener.

    must be a cinch on gears, all that coasting.
    and it must help to know the lap well. I've only ridden it a couple of times, I'm sure I'd spin faster down test hill once I got used to it.

    anyway, it's all testicle. I shall have no part in competitive riding around that place

  • We could get BMMF to drive the bunch up the hills and I'll do the same on the flats.. there was nothing in the rules about 'solo' lap times was there? ;-)

  • indeed

  • Hey Nimhbus, this sounds cool. I don't think I've ever bothered trying 3 laps of RP.

    If I did, I'd be taking the carbon bike out and coasting the fsck down the hills!

  • I thought we'd scared you off that whole coasting thing? :P

  • that was that 'cruising' in richmond park.

  • I've done 3 laps, with gears, but i wasn't timing myself, and i'm sure my time wasn't very good.

  • I did this a few months back and was about 1:04 I think. That was on the wrongster - I'd like to think I could do it a bit faster now.

  • the wangster!

  • brett I did this a few months back and was about 1:04 I think. That was on the wrongster - I'd like to think I could do it a bit faster now.
    with or without ciggie stops?! :p

  • ah, defo with.i would too

  • With or without ice-cream stops?

  • I have never timed 3 laps but I did one lap in 22.47 Sunday afternoon. Maybe I will try for the hour next weekend.

  • i did a lap today, took me 24 and a half minutes.

    pathetic, i feel quite ashamed of myself.

  • I've been round in a fast geared group - 4 laps in about 1.05 - lots of twatting about on the first lap, but by lap 4 we weren't dipping below 30mph on the flats.
    On fixed, I reckon you'd need something in the low 80s to carry enough speed on the downhill bits, but still be able to keep your momentum going upwards.
    Not my cup of tea though really - I'd rather do this challenge.

  • Well, crap bags, now I'm gonna have to find out how to get back there and time it!
    Can find the day's data in the Polar but no idea where the climb starts and ends..

  • how far is a lap exactly?

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The Richmond Park 3-Lap Challenge

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