Hope track hubs - any info?

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  • Another shot that was on the pc...

  • the rear is a single speed hub, i had one exactly the same, and there is a double thread, one reversed. it looks like there is a spacer on there to get the chainline.

  • ohhh, nice on Murts, we sit corrected. So you mean it has normal track threads, cog = right hand, lockring = left, or some kind of double thread that crosses?

  • I'v seen the Hope track hubs and don't think that what Benandemu is selling is one.
    Seems to be a lockring behind the cog in this pic.

    I know Hope made hubs for screw on geared freewheels and also cassette freehub style singlespeed hubs but this doesn't seem to either of those either.

  • benandemu, take the sproket (and lockring behind) off and post a pic of the threads. we'll be able to tell you if its track or not.

  • All they said was that the lockring behind the sprocket was left hand thread!

    ^^^this is retarded.

  • ohhh, nice on Murts, we sit corrected. So you mean it has normal track threads, cog = right hand, lockring = left,

    mine was the same as above with the two threads.

    in the pic you can see something behind the cog to bring it out. it should sit 5mm further in
    and then expose the lockring threads

    as someone said, benandemu, can you take the cog and spacer off to show everyone?

  • My c-spanners are 20 miles away!

    Hope have been in touch and answered this...

    Hi, you simply unscrew the sprocket with a chain whip or put a chain on it and hold the chain in a vice. The sprocket is just a normal screw on one, we didn't make them. Hope that helps.

    I think I understand it now. The sprocket is a threaded one (with a 4mm lip on the inside that holds the main part of the thread) with a BB lockring on the inside to help space the cog away from the spokes and get the best chain line.

    Just found a park chain whip and the KMC chain won't grip the cog as it's too narrow. Balls!

    I'll split it after the weekend, when I'm near the other half of my toolbox.

  • Oh, thanks for the help and advise all.

  • roto fix the cog off?

    or, put rear wheel against a wall and pedal back/stamp on the pedals, cog will come offski

  • Roto fix. What's that?

  • The rest of the bike is split and mostly sold. None of my other chains would work.

  • Seen the video - consider that today's education. Thanks.

  • i wasn't being funny.
    had a few luchtime pints
    what is the width of the rear hub, 135mm?

  • No, no, I'm glad of the help.

    It's a 135mm.

  • more details about soon to be released fixee hub

  • Some pictures of a red pair now up on Rourkie's thread about their hope show bike.

  • I had a play with one of those Fixee hubs today. They're really nice - the freewheel clacks about beautifully just like their road hubs. Comes with two 3/32 cogs too.

  • Is it just a 120 version of their single speed disc hub with a six bolt freehub or is the hub shell/axle different to get a 42mm chainline? Wonder if the freehub will be available seperately. I have a spare black trials hub. Be nice to convert it if possible.

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Hope track hubs - any info?

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