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  • For those interested on volunteer at the Tour of Britain this year:­es/volunteer_2007.asp

  • Starts in London tomorrow at Crystal palace. Last chance to catch some racing action this year after Winston's keirin event sadly got cancelled.

    More info at:

  • I went.
    it was excellent, very well organised (despite our press passes not getting us into the hospitality area!)

    didn't see anyone off this forum, bloody poor show!

    a real shame it wasn't as widely advertised as it could have been, given the turn out at the TDF this year

  • Great course and a fantastic result. Judging by the number of polka dot hats they were trying to hand out larger crowds were expected.

  • i was there, though with out my fixed (waiting for new wheels, only one week to go!) it was good and i took a load of photos, but it defiantly lacked in the freebes department, where where all the free racing hats? no one wants a silly polka dot sun hat

  • RPM . . . . didn't see anyone off this forum, bloody poor show!

    So, you didn't see me at the front of the pack on my single speed shopper ?

  • you must have been so fast I missed you when I blinked

  • RPM you must have been so fast I missed you when I blinked

    Yes, I did start a couple of days early, that might have been it, I am surprised that more of the racers don't try this, it certainly gave me an edge.

  • I was there aswell with a few others, saw a few other fixies, someone wandering around with a blue Pompino, anyone here?

    Here are some pics I took
    Tour of Britain Prologue pics some are doubles that have been altered :)

  • hmm not quite the 36 deep around the whole course as per the tdf
    there has been little if any publicity about this compared to the tdf i only heard about it end of the week

  • More Information here

  • I love the KOM signs there.....

  • Makes me wonder if I've missed something there over the past couple of years

  • it will be a great day of racing. the lap race of the mall two years ago was brilliant. this is a full circuit, bag a spot by a big screen, watch the racing unfold and see them come past ten times.

  • king of the molehills.

  • KOM? Is there a the badly layed manhole cover near the tower?

  • Someone will be sponsoring the KoM competition so they need to present the jersey at the end of each stage, therefore some kind of hill, even if it's a traffic bump, will be categorised to allow for this.

    You forget that professional cycling is part entertainment, part sport and part corporate junkit.

  • On the plus side, it does open up the possibility (in fact, likelihood) that the KoM jersey will be won by a sprinter/time-triallist.

  • I have applied to marshall the start, will be cool to see all of the kit and that.

  • KOM? Is there a the badly layed manhole cover near the tower?

    Where in London ISN'T there a dodgy manhole cover?

  • surely this needs a bump as it's getting closer..

  • it's next (not this coming) Sunday!

    same lack of advertising as last year, I'll still be going

  • I was thinking of trying to get a spot on the bit of Waterloo bridge overlooking victoria embankment.. Do I stand a chance in hell or is there somewhere better?

  • It's a long circuit and it won't be that popular (sadly) so I'm sure you'll be able to get the spot you want.

  • Deffo gonna be down for this - can't wait. Some good riders doing it too... not sure how they figure that Tower Hill gets King of the Mountains points but hey...

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Tour of Britain

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