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  • The performance of Seasons by Future Islands on the Letterman Show.

  • Feel ya bruv, I'm the same. I can't do tomatoes, onions, garlic, red pepper or chilli now 😞

  • That's essentially my diet.

  • I'm eating it right now with rice and beans.

  • Enjoy.....

  • It is a belter. This is great as well. I don't care for a lot of their stuff but they've got some bangers!


  • Seba Jun. Felt like I had rinsed it and listened to his music so much. It's lovely listening back to all the tracks I love after more than a decade.

  • Dylan Van Barrl's boat race on the thumbnail of the Dwars Van Vlaanderen on my Eurosport app as I settle down to watch a race I've been avoiding the results of all day.

    Sterling work there Eurocunts.

    Becoming quite the regular occurrence. WTF?

  • Shit spam/ fraud emails at work.

    Jut got one from Mimi@emails, name came up as Jason, email signed off as Pete, trying to change their bank details.
    3 Different names is impressive.

    Almost as good as the one who spoofed the company directors email, sent me and HR a request to change his bank account, misspelled my name (not an uncommon occurrence with my IRL name) and his own (not something people usually do)

    Never cease to make me chuckle.

  • I've just finished dealing with one of our 3rd parties who fell for this. They were very close to sending over £1M to the 'new' bank account. Did we at receive a phone call from them to check that this is correct? Nope.

  • being able to fix something. stepped on my head phones but managed to glue them back together by making a composit layer of masking tape and super glue

  • Wha? Need pics.

  • Sound more fancy than it is. Super glue put mini strips of masking tape on more glue replete untill secure

    I stepped on the headphone in big boots snapped off the tube bit. Its surprisingly secure about 3 layers of glue and tape


  • Ah. I see, nice work.

  • Didn't think I'd be able to do it as most times I use super glue it just turns to mess sticking everything apart from the bit I want to hold. It's nice when a fix works

  • I mostly use super glue for what it was seemingly designed for - sticking skin together.

  • I have a nice pic of my son in A&E in Korea after he attempted to fix his broken headphones with superglue, sitting in the waiting room with said headphones stuck firmly to his hand. The silly sod.

  • I half expected this to happen to me. Good effort how did they unglue him?

  • I think it was some type of solvent. He managed to glue three fingers to them, that must have taken some mad skillz

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  • Good effort!

  • Ha great photo. Top skillzzz

  • Buying new tools

  • Double drop in the vending machine just now. GET IN MY SON

  • Having the right tools for the job.
    Bought the cheapest, shittiest headset press on eBay - cups went in a dream, no smashing pieces of wood with a mallet and hoping everything is straight.

    So satisfying.

  • I’ve done a few with my mates DIY press recently and it’s worked a charm each time. Satisfying indeed.

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I love...

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