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  • It's much more believable that the ones that offer tens of millions. I'm in.

  • I hate the (what should be) very basic act of removing/fitting tyres. My hands are raw and my mood has rapidly gone from jovial to enraged.

    I can't leave the house until I've defeated these bastards.

  • what are they?

  • Ultra Sports onto Mavic MA2s. Same thing last time with Randonneurs onto Deep-Vs. Must be a combination of technique fail and not using proper tyre levers? Dunno :(

  • PM Edscoble.

  • Ha, rly? I couldn't find that thread where he couldn't get some on or off. Is that the story?

    Yours sincerely, Uninformed

  • Good barmen/women know who's next - it's their job.

    THIS** so many times.
    I hate the fact that unless I'm partying in Peckham/Brixton I'm ususally the only 'one' at the bar yet idiot behind the bar recon they cant tell.

    (Must give a +ve plug for the staff at the living room.)

  • honest barman

  • +1

  • What's Superprecise ever done to you?

    Aren't Operation Trident gonna look into this?

    Ginger on ginger crime innit

  • fucking flash. why do you update seemingly every 2 fucking weeks. why do websites them immediately change their upload scripts so i HAVE to have the new one? now can't use imageshack which i really liked, download link for flash doesn't work, goodbye imageshack.

  • actually updated,still didn't fucking work!!! die die die!

  • get chrome, its got flash built in, automatic updates. don't even know its doing it

  • Chrome is the best. Although I have to use ff for the rabbit gear calculator, it always says I need to update the flash when using it in chrome. It's the only thing I've found which doesn't work though.

  • i hate facebook chat, its awful just doesn't fucking work

  • i hate facebook chat, its awful just doesn't fucking work

    turn it off!

    I couldn't deal with logging in and people I really couldn't be arsed with popping up...

    maybe am just a bad friend.

  • Or just bin facebook entirely?

  • being asked to quote for camera kit which starts

    *The film is a hip, London centric low-budget feature film – along the lines of Mike Leigh/Ken Loach – it’s been improvised and there will never be a script. *

    and ends

    we don't have a budget.....

  • I hate that Paul Whitehouse advert where he's dead. Thanks, Aviva.

  • yes i've often thought that seemed rather bad taste for some reason

  • I hate the cancer research advert with the talking CGI fish..

    The first bit is a woman tastefully talking about how they're researching a fish that can heal it's own heart. Then they've got a sort of cockney bloke doing voice over for an animated fish. As if it were a pixar film or something.

    They totally got it wrong.

  • Television advertising in this country is 95% complete shit.

  • Television advertising around the world is 95% complete shit.

    Repped and fixed

  • Television is 95% complete shit.


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I hate

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