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  • I have a theory that WeBuyAnyCar employee people purely to waste private sellers time

  • This has deffo come up before. A long but very eloquent dismantling of divisive lies. I live for that!
    Some people will fall for anything (seek confirmation bias)

  • How much I love Miley Cyrus new song.

  • I just checked
    Yes you do

  • I would say it’s a double sin
    Being a Nazi at some point in your life through choice.
    Then Being an Ace of Base

    But why is the counter piece worse?
    It’s an even bigger box of fallacies than the cracked or Vice articles.

    I’m reading some strange affection for what is a best a really fucking awful misogynistic act that does cod reggae.
    Still whatever gets your head bobbing . Maybe I could interest you in Mike Reed singing some Calypso

  • Maybe you guys are reading into it too much. Bloke used to be a member of a neo Nazi group when he was young. Regrets it and is ashamed of it. Not the first person to be a cunt and see the light. Hopefully not the last.

    Boycott Ace of Base at your own discretion.

  • As far as I can recall I’ve passively boycotted them since 199-whenever-the-sign-came-out. I did have it on a compilation with the 4-non-blondes song and Creep by Radiohead but I didn’t specifically get it for the Nazi content (I know that’s what a Nazi would probably say, but please trust me).

    And I’ve definitely never bought anything by The Smiths, even in a compilation.

  • Yes, he has previously affiliated with Nazis. he subsequently admitted the error of his ways.

    He was in Ace of Base.

    But these two things don’t mean “ Neo-Nazi 90’s pop band Ace of Base ”

  • Bought The Sign on tape, come at me

  • I understand there’s an element of doubt about his beliefs and that his lyrics don’t really diverge from Nazi beliefs. At the same time he could be reformed.
    I don’t think we should take any risks and there should be considerable custodial sentences for the whole band.
    Their assets seized and donated to Searchlight. Ex-Nazi or not
    We are talking about cod reggae

  • Wait - is this a post-irony Poe's law thing? I can't tell.

  • The forum? Yes.

  • I don’t know why I just looked up Ace of Base again, this is already more dull than the wank game, but I was so busy checking their politics last time I didn’t notice they’re all siblings. How did they keep that quiet?

  • wank game

    Wasn't that the wank games, wank games; wanking fire and wank games; mockingwank?

  • Cunts with extendable leads and zero control of their fucking dogs

  • I didn't really find the wank thing in the news thread that funny - a bit like the moth meme.

    But that was excellently played 👏👌

  • It’s an even bigger box of fallacies than the cracked or Vice articles.

    But why is it? I genuinely don't understand. Or is this just a big troll because you identify as authentic reggae?

  • Walking on shared-use paths and glaring at you when you have the temerity to want to use a tiny bit of it yourself while they selfishly cause undue wear and tear to their pets paw pads and joints that would not happen if they used the adjacent lawned area?
    Yeah, me too.

  • even bigger box of phalluses.

  • so by using an extendable lead so they can walk on the pavement and let the dog walk on the grass they're doing the right thing then?

  • Only if the extendable lead completely crosses the full width of the shared use path.

  • Then zig zags all over with the pilot giving zero fucks about you approaching on your bike.

  • If a dog is near you ought to slow down and stop your bike really. Else you can’t easily give it a cuddle and tell it what a good boy or girl it is.

  • How to tell people you don't live in London without saying you don't live in London.

  • It does take me a while to get anywhere and I only have 2 fingers on my left hand. They’re not all good boys.

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I hate

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