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  • My local supermarket has moved everything.

    It took me years to learn where everything was, and now it's not there anymore.

    My local Sainos did this. Then made all the tills self checkout.

    This is why I supermarket shop online. Not from Sainos.

  • Amazon claiming they attempted to deliver a parcel to work at 3am so they can claim to hit their suggested delivery date then bringing it a day or two later during working hours

  • Similarly
    Royal Mail updating the tracking 3 days in a row with "could not gain access to the property" when the regula postal worker managed just fine.
    The issue is you don't want to say "couldn't get enough parcels put today, so skipped this one"
    Because metrics.

  • The front is also a frequent problem. Favourite is in the snow where people clear a letterbox sized bit and set off as if they're a tank driver in a war situation.

    London car drivers in the snow are scarily amusing to those of us who came from colder places where snow is a regular thing. The number of drivers who, after a heavy snow, just clear the windscreen and not a millimetre past its edge, then drive off with their car now sporting a snow quiff, clearly not thinking about what will certainly happen if they have to make a sudden stop and is likely to happen at some random point anyway...

  • Snow left on your car roof is illegal/fine-worthy in sensible countries who know about snow, isn't it?

  • Covid
    I keep feeling rather ok, then eat something, and back to feeling awful again. Three days in I think. Bleurgh.

  • @mashton I totally get yer on switching back from shorts, got a touch chilly on a few evening commutes last week, tried trousers on before a night out and immediately took them off feeling really icky on the legs. Wierd innit. I’m going to hold out with shorts til it actually hurts I think.

  • I'm wondering about keeping shorts all through the winter and coupling with knee warmers.

  • Thermal longs if you can change at work? They worked a treat for me (I'm shorts almost all year round)

  • Work? Pah, that's for the plebs.

  • The number of craft/artistic videos on YouTube that are essentially just epoxy-carving.

  • Cunts whose cars are so massive that the wheels are on the pavement when parked on their. You've already got the luxury of your own personal parking space yet you think you can use even more space because you had to buy a cunt wagon.

    Some of them are so bad that I have to go into the road when I've got the kids in the buggy, so I guess wheelchair users can just get to fuck then? I wish councils would fine the fuck out of them or just reverse the drop curb which would free up both the pavement and the parking space for everyone one and not just those selfish twats.

  • Doors of less than standard height.

    I've adapted to walking though all the doors in a normal house to not crack my head on them.
    Am staying in a cottage in the Peaks for a week and all the doors are slightly shorter than normal and I keep banging my head.

  • Dropping things down the toilet. Today, hairclippers

  • Or if you are my wife, dropping a phone down the loo 2 days into a 2 year contract.

  • Antibiotic induced bum wee. Also the shits in general.

  • Similarly

    Royal Mail updating the tracking 3 days in a row with "could not gain access to the property" when the regula postal worker managed just fine.
    The issue is you don't want to say "couldn't get enough parcels put today, so skipped this one"
    Because metrics.

    I had a dhl parcel coming from spain and it arrived in the uk at 10am and they still had it as being delivered that day so I was already assuming it would be the day after but to my surprise someone from dhl at gatwick emailed me to say "it's arrived late, is tomorrow fine for delivery?" giving me yes as pretty much my only option to respond with.

    so far can't be mad with the service but then I get an email "your parcel reschedule request has been accepted". the cheeky cunts entered it into the system that I swapped the dates so if I wanted to contest it not arriving in the window (it was a 2 day express service) it would look like I asked them to do it.

    I got my parcel just fine but the fucking cheek of it.

  • Plus fours, long socks.

  • Cyclists jumping red lights at pedestrian crossings. Makes it a fucking nightmare trying to cross with a pram or a kid. Oxford St in particular is just constant streams of bikes going through as you try and cross the road. At least you can generally predict that cars only jump the lights just after they've changed.

  • Fill the pram with bricks and run wildly into the road as soon as the green man show's his useless little face

  • Ha, I did similar to that yesterday as I had a pram with no child in it. Some looks of fear as I walked out in front of the buggers.

  • Stayed in a cottage in Devon for a few days with family last week. I smashed my head so many times - there was one entire corridor where I had to stoop along the whole length, plus the bathroom was super low so I couldn't stand up to shower and had to sit in the bath. The door to the bedroom my wife and I had was absolutely ridiculous and was at least 20 cm lower than the top of my head. I had a really stiff neck by the end and couldn't decide whether to blame the mattress, the constant knocks to the head or the fact I was walking around hunched over all the time.

  • Have you considered investing in a toilet seat with a lid?

  • Lid down never happens

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I hate

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