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  • Nope, certainly no fire exit at home either.

    To top it all, the alternator on the car shit the bed on my way back.

  • Agas. Bloody stupid things. Can't adjust the heat. Can't clean it properly cos it's always hot. Burning fossil fuels to heat a big lump of metal on the hottest day of the year then having to have the kitchen door open because it's too bloody hot.

  • Welcome to climate change

  • Can't be cheap to run at the moment either.

  • Get an air fryer

  • 🤣

    In case it's not clear, the bloody aga isn't mine.

  • Guess: bbetty is staying at their parents' at the moment and coincidentally their levels of hate have risen slightly?

  • Damn it's like you are in my head

  • Stay strong!

  • I thought it might have been a #humblebrag :-D


  • I love them dearly and they are having to deal with some really awful news at the minute and I'm here to support them, but the levels of low- to medium-grade WTF in their day to day domestic arrangements are off the scale.

    They get ideas in their heads, and it's like they run with the idea in a sort of pure platonic way rather than considering it as part of a home that needs to function. Kind of like the broomsticks in the sorcerer's apprentice, once they start doing a thing (eg keeping a free pen because it's useful) their reality is that all free pens have to be kept. And then there are boxes and boxes of pens and they have to keep finding new places to "tidy" the pens to instead of JUST REALISING THEY HAVE ENOUGH PENS AND NOT KEEPING ANY MORE!

    Mum read once that fruit keeps better if it's not touching. So she started keeping fruit spaced out on a serving plate. But she'll buy more fruit than fit on the plate so it evolved into a hamlet of odd serving dishes holding spaced out fruit on the sideboard, and now I find that this has happened and I can see exactly how a multi story fruit rack looks like a good solution once you are in the hamlet of fruit plates stage, but if you went back to the start it's not something you'd ever decide to do. (And in a few weeks we'll have a multi story fruit rack AND a new fruit plate hamlet)

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  • Haha nope, even if I was stupid enough to want a stove/room heater that can't be switched off, it would take up about a third of my kitchen!

    I aspire to very small status symbols like a matching set of plates without chips in. Someday....

  • matching set of plates without chips in

    Sending myself straight to the Golf club thread, as I’ve just counted no less than 6 matching coffee cups, only one of which has a chip.

  • Can you make some kind of fruit separation structure using pens?

    Something to do isn't it.

  • The mango on there is provoking my anxiety.

  • It’s a special kind of personal bureaucracy that’s incredibly frustrating to be a third party to.

    My parents exhibit similar behaviour. They’ll decide to do something a certain way and then, despite any information that subsequently becomes available, they’ll steadfastly stick to the initial plan even as it becomes increasingly difficult to do so and making a small tweak could make everything a lot easier

  • The multi level fruit separation system has brought me genuine joy and I thank your mam for that.

  • I was on my way up to my Mum's ( early 90s - age) to help her out with a few things one of which was to do a bit of shopping and cook us a meal . I ran the list of ingredients I needed for the meal past her one of which was dried thyme ...
    Me -"do you have dried thyme ?"
    M - "Oh yes "
    Cooking starts and I find the thyme - a little jar with a homemade label dated in faded handwriting - 1980 .

  • Fantastic. My uncle is like that - he won’t throw things away. I found some baking soda from 1984 there last time. He’s got a bottle of Tabasco sauce in his cupboard, still in its little box. I’ve not been able to date it, but by the packaging it might even be ‘70s.

  • Finding a bottle of babycham dated 1955 in my grandma's drinks cabinet in the mid 90s is my record. Tasted fine (to ~12 year old me when I necked it behind a hedge in her garden).

  • I found some early 90s ish Calpol in a friend's old holiday home around 2010, necked that every morning for a week, tasted fucking amazing and sorted out some of my hangovers.

  • This is brilliant, your parents are the Costanzas!

  • -They separate the fruit?

    -Separate Jerry, little hamlets of fruit on a rack

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  • I need to watch more/some Seinfeld

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I hate

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