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  • £100 tap n go now though (unless one has changed it).

    Good point on the card-no-auth limit but that should be different from a shop floor limit and what their computer sends through for online authorisation. If you are a coffee shop with 90% of your transactions below £30 they may be approved locally but anything higher is checked for example.

  • I wish you could personalise it like you could a 3310. I'd love to blast Crazy Frog in full every time someone came to the door.

  • BITD it was tyres. Luton and Peterborough postcodes were notorious for card fraud for some reason.

  • Kids would be knocking on loads tho?

  • "Hey girl, you better check yo' door"

  • BITD

    Thats a good point actually...I haven't done any work in card fraud for at least ten years so I could well be very out of date.

    That said, we were identity thefted (!) a few months back and those guys started off by buying low value items before going for the big one.

  • It's alright, my massive dog goes mental every time she hears the current Ring jingle. I'm sure she'd come to hate the Crazy Frog just as much.
    Besides, are kids these days even susceptible to Crazy Frog fever? If what my 2 year old niece is in to is anything to go by, they'll all be desensitised to annoying as fuck sounds by the time they're old enough to reach a doorbell.

  • I hate losing stuff but I'm so good at it. Leaving the house for an all day gig and I couldn't any of my 3 pairs of ear plugs.

  • and I couldn't any of my 3 pairs of ear plugs.

    I think you lost a word there.

  • The way my mouth feels at the moment. Two whole days ago I filled the car up with fuel and must have got a bit on my hand without noticing. A couple of minutes later I was tucking into lunch and must have got a bit fuel oil on my food because for the last two days I can’t get the taste of diesel out of my mouth. Simply can’t believe it’s lasted this long and wondering when I will be free of it.

  • That's your career as a fuel siphoner fucked. Shame, very profitable currently.

  • Buy some strong tasting mouthwash which should help no end

  • Haha, fuck. To update: I managed to lose another pair of earplugs last night. I blame the Buckfast tombola.

  • The very idea of ‘extra hot’ coffee.

    ‘Can I have my coffee extra hot?’

    ‘No problem with that sir, I’ll just use the extra-hot steam, thereby denying the reality of physics. You fucking moron.’

  • Is it too much to ask for the barista to nip down to a geothermal vent deep in the Atlantic and grab some supercritically heated water to make massively over-extracted coffee with?!

  • Café bouillu café foutu.

  • I bet it's the same sort of person who would also complain when the milk is too hot and tastes funny.

  • And / or:

    'What milks do you do?'

    When I open my coffee shop - and I am going to - that will get you barred.

  • I've heard someone be surprised when the barista didn't have multiple brands of oat milk to choose from, because "my usual coffee shop does that".

  • I think extra hot just means ruin it like a chain store would by steaming it for way too long. The milk question is a little unnecessary, just have oat.

  • The milk question is a little unnecessary, just have oat.

    Shots fired.

  • Milk, of any kind, in coffee, is for cunts

  • ^Voice of reason.

  • punctures.
    fucking bikes in general atm tbqh m8

    at the weekend had a crack on my phone screen, the phone was shook to death and now the whole screen is black like when you squeeze a calculator.
    my Force RD exploded, knuckle sheared, bottom jockey cage sheared, my Sunday morning joy sheared.

    no worries, spare bike same wheels.
    Puncture 300m from work front door. No repair kit here (my bag is here my kit is not)
    I don't know If I impaled anything though it was RAL then it went "fsst fsst fssst" but held enough air to get me to work without feeling the valvestem every rotation?
    Over inflated?

  • I am sitting in my office, on my own.

    Since it's a lovely day, brought out a nice bike. Didn't bother removing the bag on my daily with tools and puncture outfit.

    Front tyre just randomly exploded.


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I hate

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