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  • cauliflower chat

    Cauliflower Chaat? Sounds delicious!

  • Brexit and the loss of freedom of movement. 2022 seems to be the year where I want to take advantage of EU membership benefits in a way that I didn't when we were members.

  • You said it all with the first word.

  • Yup, awful loss

  • Not long until ETIAS is implemented and we all will have to pay 7 euros for a visa waiver to go on our holidays (or be blocked from entering the EU if we have certain criminal convictions).

    Edit: Maybe i'm exaggerating a bit

    Only travellers considered a current threat to the public will be blocked from entering. UK passport holders with a criminal record should not be deterred from applying for ETIAS.

  • Brexit. Again. Can't use dog's pet passport. Have to pay £200 and get a ten page form completed in two languages instead. For each trip to the EU.

  • Don't forget the epic non-EU lines if you're flying. Heard today that there was a 45 minute wait at Schipol for non-EU arrivals.

  • I flew into Italy this morning. Took 45 mins to get through passport control in Bergamo.

  • Luckily our pup has a European passport. Will make taking her abroad a lot easier!

  • I suspect we'll try to get one for ours when we're in Austria.

  • I'm flying to Schipol next week, totally un-surprised to hear this

  • Took me ~45 minutes to get through passport control at Heathrow T2 last week, and I have a British Passport.

    T2 seems to push pretty much everyone through the eGates, and there's a huge amount of fuckwittery from people attempting to use the eGates.

  • It was that article that panicked me this morning. Thankfully our local vet is not charging £300 and was pretty flexible. That said, it requires a one hour appointment so won't be cheap.

  • People watching videos or taking calls on public transport with speakers on. Seems to be much worse since lockdown.

  • I went to a work meal in Italy last night. Very smart restaurant. One of my guests got his phone out and started trying to play his favourite 80s music videos on YouTube...at high volume. I was not as diplomatic and polite as I should have tried to be. Incredible.

  • Industry awards shows

  • Fucking North Face - bought some fancy outdoors shoes before lockdown. Pandemic came so no outdoorsing. Took them out the box to wear to a wedding and the fucking sole fell off.

    Cue North Face saying it’s not their problem and the sole needed to fall off sooner to make it a warranty option.

    Serves me right for buying bam brands.

    Avoid NORTH FACE if you want walking equipment that works for walking.

  • Get a report from a cobbler that states that the shoes were made poorly, then claim the cost of the shoes and report back from the retailer.

    You have statutory rights under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

    It's a lot easier if you bought using a credit card, as you can make a claim against the cc provider too.

  • That's appalling. Although I'd say this is extremely unusual compared to their usual quality standards.

    As TW says....if you bought with CC maybe the bank can help?

  • Rep.

    I love a good "fuck you, multinational" from the consumer.

  • I’m afraid you’re bang out of luck. I’m struggling to wrap my head around the horror of this.


  • that poxy fucking song is already the fucking anthem for annoying twats who like to go stand in their garden and slur their drunken little hearts out at wholly inappropriate hours.

    was subjected to 10 minutes of the same 2 lines from it on sunday at about 11.45 before they moved onto other cunt classics like "sex is on fire" "living on a prayer" and "angels"

  • Dame Zoe Ball in 2023 then.

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I hate

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