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  • I've had to raise a ticket, then an ITR (no idea) and then a SSR (ditto), I've got three different email threads on the subject, looping in two continents and three timezones. They refuse to stop and start a service (not their team) but will restart the entire server.

    For sure, there are good reasons in theory to track tickets. But when it is shit, it really is shit.

  • ‘Remove outer sleeve and film lid’
    20 mins later I had just enough energy to reach up from the floor and take this photo..

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  • You must be the only person on lfgss who isn’t a sufficient onanist to have the finger strength for this task.

  • All I want is a service stopped and restarted. Give me access and I'll do it myself. It's been 4 working days now.

    Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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  • Anyway, my company has a WiFi AP that only works with company laptops but not with company phones.

    I'm in the basement of a hospital so no phone signal and NHS free WiFi is so slow it's like 56k dial up...

  • They call their slave children “workers” too

  • Bloody Royal Mail signed for service.

    Our own @Pifko sent me a guitar pedal two days ago from Birmingham to Gloucester. Not exactly land’s end to John O’groats. Posted it premium signed for service.

    Tracking number is my reality check. Apparently I was not (as I imagined) seated within ten feet of the bloody door (with a dog at my feet that would alert me to a sparrow farting in the street) but actually not at home. All day. Also not even the usual pretence of a ‘sorry you weren’t in’ card through the door so I don’t even know if I can collect it from the PO depot?

    If the Post Office survives another decade I will be amazed. Other companies do so much better (will be awful for those in remote locations though, as I can see them getting no viable service at all, as uneconomic for a profit driven company).

    I sent out some tins of leather balm a couple of days ago. Lady at the counter asked me what service I wanted. I said second class as it made no difference - she smiled and said that I was right. All the tins arrived next day.

    Perhaps it is the ‘signed for’ bit that causes problems?

    Anyway, moral is send your packages second class.

  • So much this, our postie has the standing request that he lob parcels over the back fence, even if he thinks we are in. It’s only signed for that he has to take back if we don’t answer the door within 1.31 seconds of him ringing the doorbell.

  • If the Post Office survives another decade I will be amazed. Other companies do so much better

    have you waited for a package to be delivered by hermes? be careful what you wish for.
    (obviously not trying to invalidate the rant against royal mail signed for)

  • I’m with you on Hermes! Now DPD on the other hand….

  • have you waited for a package to be delivered by hermes?

    Evri nowadays. They are that shit they've changed their name...

  • edit (didn't see you'd made the same joke)
    forgot they had changed the name, they're still shit.

  • And previously Home Delivery Network before Hermes. So shit they've done it twice!

  • Cauliflower

  • And previously Home Delivery Network before Hermes.

    Wow. Super duper shit then?

  • It's weird because I hear so much negative stuff about MyHermes/Evri/whatever but I've only ever had good (maybe 'neutral' is a better word) experiences with them. It probably helps I have a drop-off place within walking distance, and that my local delivery woman is really good.

  • I'm a recent convert. Actually great if you can coat it in enough stuff to not taste like cauliflower.

  • If the Post Office survives another decade I will be amazed.

    Like all the other delivery services a lot depends on your local delivery office and staff. It's shit that they can't provide a consistent service though.

  • Zads Fried Cauliflower is amazing. Moreso after a night in the fridge.

  • Same. Maple syrup, chilli sauce, soy sauce…. Just Chuck everything on it until that’s all you can taste.

  • the driver who delivers to my mums place for hermes is brilliant. never had a package not handed straight to us while i was staying down there looking after her the past couple of years.

    where I live now the hermes/evri drivers just chuck the parcels on the doorstep and fuck off without ringing the doorbell. I've had 3 deliveries this week and I can see the front door in my peripheral vision from my desk and each time i've only know they'd been because the video doorbell motion sensor triggered and turned on my hall lights.

  • Hated cauliflower when I was a kid, but I think that was mostly because of what the school canteen did to cauliflower cheese. Took a while for the memory of that travesty to fade.

  • I think the issue with Hermes was always ‘self employed’ drivers at race to the bottom pricing which essentially incentivised (and lets not pretend; probably exploitative working practices which necessitised) being shit.

    I have noticed that evri now asks me to ‘rate my courier’ after every package, so clearly they are trying to make sure they are mitigating the worst of this, sadly I doubt this is by doing anything other than churning staff and continuing to take advantage of the hardest working ones.

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I hate

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