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  • I've already sorted the speech for you, just do that twice.

  • Right in front of two cops (one real, one plastic). Both saw it, neither raised a finger.

    Because one or two police have no way of stopping them, and would look stupid failing to?

  • Ah, hadnā€™t considered that. Unsolvable crime.

    (Sorry if acerbic, had my autistic nine year old boy on his bike a couple of metres behind me at the time - could have been a bad situation so still a bit pumped up)

  • No that's genuinely why I think police don't take much notice.

    I'm currently a pedestrian with somewhat reduced agility, balance and awareness due to long Covid, and am pretty fucked off with close passes by scooters, e-bikes, bikes, occasional motorbikes but mostly scooters on pavements. I'm long resigned to it when crossing roads.

    (I am also in the London borough that has 1 police station for a third of a million people...)

  • I have mailed my MP over the e-scooters thing.

    He is Tory, and supported BJ post the Brexit thing: but otherwise actually a nice guy.

    Wait and see.

  • Hope your faculties come back soon!

    All the best mate.

  • he is Tory
    actually a nice guy

    Those two statements are mutually exclusive

  • No they are not. In the same way that Stalin was an utter cunt.

  • Feckin centing wenker feck feck bastard feck cheap Chinese m8 bolts centing broken off in the frame and the centing fecker is now stuck as my fecking shite tap also fecking snapped of in the now the whole feckin cage fixing is jammed full of feckin metal arrgghhhhh fuck fuck fuck

  • Feck feck feck fml

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  • Is this why you're called crossedthread?

  • Feckin bin fire of anger at my own crapulousness

  • I completely empathise, your pain is a dagger to my heart.

    But an open goal is an open goal.

  • I'll just ping you a message.

    No, you'll send it. There's no pinging involved cunto.

  • What if they send it as the payload of an ICMP type 8 message?

    Hmmm, that gives me an idea...

  • Whoever decided to refer to clothes as ā€˜piecesā€™ on the H & M site

  • IT departments who default to "have you raised a ticket" over actually doing any fucking work.

  • Yes hereā€™s my reference

    IT: oh, thatā€™s a couple of weeks old, we closed it as we assumed the issue had been fixed or just temporary. Would you like to raise another ticket?

  • Have you guys ever experienced an IT department that doesn't track incidents with tickets? Careful what you wish for...

  • All I want is a service stopped and restarted. Give me access and I'll do it myself. It's been 4 working days now.

  • There's no shortage of IT departments who use it as an excuse, but I've worked with several large organisations where they carefully train their IT staff to make sure that a ticket is always logged before work starts - in one case, the training gave an example of an IT staffer walking past a friend's desk and said friend asked them to solve a problem for them - with good reasons.

    The good reasons are that those large organisations want to track how many faults their systems encounter/cause, what the impact is and how long it takes to resolve them. They need to track those things so they can spot organisational failure and improve the service.

    There's a self-publicising dick of an agile consultant who make a big splash on social media recently with a rant about "Why does anybody use issue trackers? Why don't they just fix the bug and move on?". He was totally wrong and probably knew it but didn't care. Same logic applies.

    IT departments who use it as an excuse (and probably don't track anything about their actual performance) are also dicks, of course.

  • Ha ha, yeah was going to say the same

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I hate

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