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  • Chocolate covered dates. Mmm.
    (So long as the stones are out)

  • Mix chocolate nuts & raisins. No revel roulette, just chocolatey yum.

  • A bag of peanuts, raisins and chocolate chips from Safeway, along with a pint of milk was my must-have lunch at college.
    Not too tolerant of milk and nuts these days.
    Hmmmm [gives thoughtful, skyward glance while rubbing chin]

  • bag of peanuts, raisins and chocolate chips

    Factory floor sweepings, both delicious and internally cleansing.

  • The M54.

  • Especially the concrete surfaced bit

  • The fact that Association Coffee on Ludgate Hill has run out of toasties.

    It’s 11.30am, for fuck’s sake.

  • Precisely the concrete surfaced bit.

  • Can we extend this to all concrete surfaces on motorways?

  • Yes

    Fuck that noise.


  • Merckx

    Been calling that cheat out for years. All the old dopers get a free pass and it pisses me off.

  • Raffles where entire strips are drawn, rather than individual tickets.

  • I feel like nuts in chocolate got too easy a pass just then. Nuts in or anywhere near chocolate can >>>>>>>>>. Or rather it can’t, it can stay right here In this thread.

  • What, even peanut m n ms?

  • Mexican cuisine uses chocolate as a savoury flavour about as often as a sweet one. I know of at least one person in this thread who hates that idea.

    In any case, chocolate-coated coffee beans beat any other chocolate-coated thing.

  • chocolate-coated coffee beans

    Ruined my EK43 grinder.

  • What, even peanut m n ms?

    Peanut butter M&Ms or GTFO

  • Not tried em yet, will get on it asap.

  • Commute to work that had to be ont ‘ube. The interchange at Green Park between Vic and Jubilee is closed, so the alternative is t~~ look, it would be quicker to take an alternate route is what I am saying.

  • I hate changing sprockets on Shimano Alfine 11 hubs! That ********** snap ring/circlip/whatever it’s called. Poxy thing!

    I reckon the design life of the hub is about a sprocket’s worth of riding, hard to believe it’s something designed to be replaces.

    Hate, hate, hate them!!!

    I look forward to it wearing out completely so I can replace the wheel for an SS one.

    I’m now very grumpy at my bike.

  • If that’s anything like typical 3 speed cogs they shouldn’t be too difficult to remove, lots of YouTube out there showing how.

  • It came off and a new one went on. Poxy thing, just not easily. I hate stuff that wears out and isn’t straight forward to replace.

  • Charging all the things.

  • Worth paying for some an American foods shop to try, they are good

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I hate

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