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  • maybe their breakfast time is later, what's the problem? I always eat at 9/9:30 at work, I can't eat anything after waking up. And even if I could I don't think I could be bothered to wake up earlier just to eat at home, fuck that.

    Same for having a shit, everyone's got their schedule

  • I'm also firmly in the eating breakfast and shitting at work club. Getting paid while I eat my porridge just makes it taste all the better.

  • Same for having a shit, everyone's got their schedule

    this, I wish I even had a schedule

  • Same for wanking, can't always do that in time every morning, that's what the toilets are for.

  • what's the problem?

    It's the I hate thread, this is a personal hate.
    I'm happy for you to do you, but this is the hate thread, so feel free to go fuck yourself at work

  • This I can slot in anytime.


  • Same for wanking, can't always do that in time every morning, that's what the toilets are for.

    Always double check that the cubicle door is locked.

    Ask me how I know.

  • Ask me how I know.

    How do you know?

  • How do you know?

    The toilet cam he installed at work

  • On the subject.. Toilet lights with sensors and timers. Some i encounter are set for under 10 seconds leaving you pissing in pitch darkness. Waving your unoccupied hand around trying to activate the sensor which sometimes has a delay of the same amount of time.
    I tend to stray a bit when I cant see the target

  • So which is it?

    I mean, it sounds like you're doing it wrong to me.

  • The motherfucken scum and all the deadshits who keep voting for these packs of utter cunts, whether that's here or over either pond.


  • Yeah will feel nice to vote them out soon. Not that Albanese inspires me with his leadership but can't be any worse than the current lot.

  • Biggest plus for Albo is he was a housing commission kid - aside from that mere fact shoving it up the born to rule brigade, it demonstrates some degree of meritocracy, and, you'd hope, should make for a leader on the other end of the spectrum from out of touch.

    And here's hoping all that small target shit is just to get em past the post, and they actually bust out some proper social democratic policy instead of all that craven neoliberal bullshit like voting along with this vile government on goddamn tax cuts for the rich FFS. I know they're probably at least half as corrupt as the scum, but not sure how much they're running scared from Rupert.

    Of course, they're filth next to the Greens, but at least good people can get ahead in Labor... unlike the coalition; just ask Michael Towke.

  • Yes folks, that's how the Labor party spells their name in Oz, despite the fact we're not Yanks and we actually spell it labour.

  • people who live on the 1st floor but always take the lift

  • People who cycle on the pavement. It seems to have become a thing. Stop it, you twats.

    Also, people who text while cycling. No-one likes you, or cares about you, so stop.

  • Saw a combination of these two knob-hobbies (and riding no handed) from one guy whilst I was waiting at a junction behind a cop car. The lights changed and the cops turned in the same direction as the rider and just drove straight past him.

  • The cops clearly had better things to do, like getting back to the station before the pizza gets cold.

    It takes about 5 minutes chatting to a station sergeant in a plod canteen to realise the disdain felt by time served cops for the current crop of plodlets.

  • They don't even have to arrest them, just tell them to get off the fucking sidewalk!

  • Waste of valuable police time, possibly leading to a 1 degree drop in pizza temperature.

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  • Yeah absolutely fuck that person

    One of mine: policing the ‘I hate’ thread.

  • Jeez I hope that's a fake (HA the lawn obviously is)

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I hate

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