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  • Currently hating off-road motorcyclists and the ruts they leave on all the trails even after two weeks without rain, they manage to churn up the mud into an impassable no man’s land

    Them and their 4x4 cousins

  • Double roundabouts. Or rather, the people who suddenly forget how roundabouts work when they encounter a double roundabout. There’s one I have to drive through where I reckon every 1 in 3 times, I have to slam on the brakes as someone cruises on through without so much as a cursory glance right.

  • I always wonder why they don't just make tiny, tight double roundabouts into a much more sensible (and safe) slightly oval one

  • ^ all sorts of this. There's one near my house where I have had so many near misses.

  • With banked corners?

  • ..also a warm up/down area in the middle with a vending machine

  • Ever been through the magic roundabout in Swindon?

    I bought a motorbike from a place near Stonehenge a few years ago and on my way home to Glasgow (it was worth the trip) I had cause to encounter this.

    Mind blown.

  • I'm not sure if large vehicles would be able to make the turns on the oval so would have to cut across the middle and cause more confusion.

  • opening the recommended relaxing videos about solo camping the algorithm keeps pushing and then seeing it's a guy in the woods pitching a tent next to his huge pick up truck or 4x4
    totally ruins it

  • Finance companies taking nearly a month to settle finance and refund difference after early repayment.

  • Can we move back on to artificial grass please?
    I'm interested to know who owns the grass verge(?) that has been removed here. Looks absolutely fucking ridiculous.

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  • Edit - upon closer inspection, two grass verges.

  • Get one of these

    And one of these

    and these:

    and you've got yourself a putting green baby (golf club >>>)

  • I'm no golfist, but even I can tell hat isn't a putter

  • Almost certainly the council. Doesn't look like the kerb is dropped the full width so driving over it is illegal too. Report it and watch the council do nothing.

  • The first item looked like you had found the professional sausage to lawn insertion tool.

  • I'm no golfist

    That's exactly what a golfist would say.

  • Judging by the other verge the council couldn’t give two fucks about it anyway.

  • work colleagues that show up at 7:30 am, only to make and eat breakfast at their desks, then pop out, grab a coffee, stroll around the office and chat shit until 9am then start work...how about you get your shit together like an adult and just fucking work the hours you're paid for.

    fucking boils my piss

  • Do they leave at 330pm? If not, what's the problem?

  • Or come to work to have a shit on works time, for God's sake have a dump before leaving home.....

  • It's a workplace not a cafe, and they should realistically be able to eat breakfast at home, so the office admin don't have to clean up after them like they are toddlers

  • It's a workplace not a cafe

    Arguably the point of going into the office is the interaction and gossip side, some about work but not all. If I want to concentrate on something I stay at home.

    At my office breakfast is provided too.

  • So which is it? They shouldn’t eat breakfast at work or they’re not doing their hours?

    Maybe join them?

  • I eat breakfast at home with my family, and at work, I work for payment

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I hate

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