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  • Stealth flounce, RIP.

  • He’s wiv da anger now πŸ™πŸΏ

  • 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • Cracking The Cryptic on Youtube have a bunch of videos about Wordle Strategies.

    SIREN and OCTAL cover the 10 most common letters in two clues.

    I used to go with something like HIVED CRANK BOLTS JUMPY as my first 4 as there's no overlap.

    As for Cracking The Cryptic, I've been chomping through their various Sudoku videos as they have a good webpage for trying each on of them for yourself.

    Oh yes, hate thread. I hate endless tweets about Wordle too, luckily my twitter client makes it easy to silently mute those tweets.

  • Button flies...always seems to be at least one button that can't stay in place

    woah, boast post

    Bloat post.

  • first 4

    Take your time.

  • Once you have found a letter, it is pretty poor show not to use it in subsequent guesses

  • I had heard there were twitter discussions around this - what's the argument for it being a poor show?

  • It is just a game folks...

  • Football thread >>>>>

  • It feels a bit like those people who memorise all the two letter scrabble words

  • You can set it to force this.

    I had to break that rule yesterday to solve Abbey.

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  • Once you have found a letter, it is pretty poor show not to use it in subsequent guesses

    If you find a single letter in the first guess it's a very suboptimal strategy to re-use it in the subsequent guess.

    After that it depends on a whole load of factors because, unsurprisingly, it's a rather complicated game.

  • tried my first "wordle" just now. got it in 3 guesses.

    Wordle 209 3/6


    I'd like to take this opportunity to announce I'm retiring from the sport to spend more time with my family and hope you will all respect our wishes and give us our privacy moving forwards.

    There will be no further questions at this time.

  • Are you considering a punditry offer from a major network?

  • I'm not brave enough for hard mode.
    I had to break the rule for today's. Which was helpful.

    Wordle 209 6/6


  • Outdoor Christmas lights. Lots still on around here. Burning away.

  • And while we’re here, lights on house gate posts or those pointless up-lighters on the fronts of houses. Constantly on. Do you people not PIR

  • People that write 'u' rather than 'you'

  • Also, PIR lights that get set off by people walking past in the street.

  • There is a plausible theory that the "creator" of Wordle only decided to keep the game free to play uner legal advice because he would get sued to fuck by the European TV company that owns the rights to the 80s TV series called Lingo, which flopped in the US but did ok in various European countries.

  • Lingo is currently top drawer daytime telly.

  • I've never seen it. Is it similar?

  • Isn't this wordle just mastermind with words?

  • There are different rounds with less letters to start and a few teams of competing couples. Set design and presenters teeth invoke instant migraines.

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I hate

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