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  • If you're not using a power tool to assemble IKEA furniture, you have a screw loose.


  • My mum calls me the space cowboy

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  • Further to my toque quandary, I had tried handwashing and tossing in the dryer to ‘full’ the wool but it didn’t make any difference so then I tried the washing machine (front loader) and it worked much better. They’re still a bit too thick for my preference but have tightened up nicely and block the wind much better now.

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  • I went to Umart, 256Gb SSD and caddy...

    @Aroogah, It's so annoying!!

  • caddy… so annoying

    Golf club>>>>

  • You may be looking for a 'watch cap'. There is a whole subsection of the middle-aged male artisanal clothing market dedicated to replicating WW2 cold weather military designs. They make my head itch, though.


  • There's a guy here in Queensland that makes repro WW2 navy caps that the whole world seem to go apeshit over... I don't see the appeal personally, it's all a bit cosplay... They cost a fucking fortune!

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  • Agree - I would only wear a plain one, no insignia. I think I have a 'Rothco' wool one which cost about a tenner. But too itchy for my forehead.

  • Getting off a bus in Canada, the driver shouts “OK everyone don’t leave anything on the bus, don’t forget your toques”

    Shrug, suspect it’s a drug reference we are in BC after all.

    Now I know wtf he was talking about.

  • and when you decide you don't want to pay their monthly fee anymore and want your library back they let you download it... they just put every. single. fucking. track. in the root folder of the download, no folders or categorisation at all.

    luckily i found my itunes backup from about 3 computers ago so i only need to cherry pick a handful of newer stuff out of the clusterfuck but every dev who touched that function needs to be fired (into the sun).

  • If it’s properly tagged you can use mp3tag to organise it by artist / album / year / resolution of the album art.

  • Swimming pool lockers that don't return your 20p. Just add 20p to the admission price.

  • I’ve grown up calling them toques, I’m familiar with the variety of misnomers they’ve been saddled with : )

  • How bad I am at cooking.

    Tried to make a nice meal for my wife after being away all week, burnt onions somehow and the rest was just crap.

  • burnt onions somehow

    How did you manage that, I nipped to the shop for beer whilst mine were on and they were only slightly too brown.

  • The more I try the worse I am.

    It’s really frustrating to just be so bad at something.

  • Low and slow and tasty they will go.

  • Where's his chin?

  • I sauté onions on a very low heat and cover the pan with something like a wok. As above, slow and low

  • Having to look for the cooking instructions on foodstuffs. All consumables should be in utilitarian designs with the timings in clear bold fonts right across the middle.

    Like fag packets.

  • Americans going on about ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ when I just got shouted out by a police officer in Texas for jaywalking.

  • Remember in Texas they don’t call 911.

    Texas is weird I absolutely loved the place yet so much of it.

  • Yes, and while they add all this crap to packaged food cant’t they tweek the proportions so we have food that cooks at the same temperature? Pizza at 180 and chips at 200 = not helpful, guys.

  • Everything cooks at 180, it might just not cook very well.

  • Good luck hosting your next dinner date.

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I hate

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