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  • Split open an eyebrow once, and also cracked a rib going for a drop shot.

    Sport hard or go home.

  • *orders #everythingblack badmonton sport uniform*

  • I read this earlier today... now fb presents me this.

    The fb algorithm.

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  • Badminton when played well is brutal. When played badly it is a brutal humiliation. There's a lot played track centre at the velo, it often reflects both polarities.

  • Amazing - "[We] have had bad experiences so we are afraid… it’s better not to wear black, otherwise people may have a heart attack while watching the television.”

  • I hate badminton, partly because I'm really bad at it - I'm decent at tennis but find badminton almost impossible. Therefore I despise it.

  • Ronny Tong, he used to be pro-democracy now he’s aligned himself as pro-Beijing but every so often you get suspicious that he’s taking the piss out of the fragility of the ‘little pinks’ a bit.

  • Thought for the day.

  • How do you make a video with this production value and then skimp on captioning?


  • I am the opposite. I used to play badders two or three times a week. Somewhere back then I tried tennis and the first swing the (much heavier) racket went sailing out of my grip and across the court. My play didn’t improve much after that, either.

  • I remember having some insufferable twats in my school who were "good" at badminton and really smug about it.
    So I tend to associate badminton with twats (no offence to any badminton hating twats)

  • I tend to associate badminton with twats

    I knew a youths world champ and he was a smug little prick with a massive superiority complex. I also knew his closest competitor, who was a nice guy, but eventually started displaying prick-like tendencies.

  • Heh.

    Played at school/sixth-form and ran the sixth-form team we had entered in the local University league. Passed the county trial but couldn't attend their training so had to bin that off. Carried on at Uni and ran the weekly Uni wide "everyone welcome" Badminton club for a few years, also ran the University team that we entered in the local league, but was never quite good enough for the BUSA team (although I did play one or two games when they were desperate) - got to play with some international squad players which was nice - firmly put in my place though.

    Did try playing again after Uni but the local club were a bit egotistical and I wasn't going to fit in there. Otherwise it's just random colleagues that I used to play against, but those regular games fell away eventually.

    Always takes me a bit to adapt to tennis or squash given how wristy badminton is and how absolutely not tennis is (squash somewhere in the middle).

  • People doing a big shop with no bags and then buying 10 'bags for life'. I can understand the odd time popping in to get something and not having brought a bag with you, but how hard is it to remember to take bags with you when going out specifically to do the shopping. There should be no plastic bags in shops now.

  • Squash is much harder, physically, than badminton.

  • You do dress like a boy though.

  • “‘You got your bag for life?’ Too bloody right I have. Now fill it with vodka or fags. I’m ironic. Let’s see who goes first, me or the bag.” Sean Lock

  • Shoulda been the bag. 😢

  • At college I tried squash once, and never again. My opponent was a total arse who’s (no doubt extensive) squash trophy cabinet must have looked tiny next to his ego. He seemed to like saying “Ready, Sunshine?” before each shot so I took to replying “Whenever you are, Moonbeam”. It was the only bit of humour I could muster as, exhausted, I was sent crashing into the wall trying to return one shot after another from the back corner for the whole game.

  • fucking love Sean Lock!

  • Smug about being good at badminton?

    I'd be rolling on the ground in hysterics.

    That'd be like being really good at doing that thing in hotels where they make the towels look like a bird.

  • Dunno. I can't do this.

  • You can't do it... yet.

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I hate

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