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  • Quinoa?

    Not sure what mashton did to deserve being ignored

  • Apologies. I was distracted by Youtube's suggested videos: Rosie Perez dancing to Whitney Houston on Soul Train.

  • Yeah I got the reference and I understand your problem with silly voices.

    I have a buddy who teaches recording studio techniques on a performing arts course. He’s said in recent years students have more and more affected funny voices when singing. The course is in Wales with many diverse and strong accents that create interesting inflections, but these are ditched in favour of funny voices like “dick Emery vicar voices” I don’t think it’s new. British rock has a history of white public schoolboys channelling Jim Davison’s “Chalky” routine.

  • I don't know what you mean by I know EXACTLY what you mean... I can't stand it... How can I blow out each of the syllables in this lyric so that they are almost unrecognisable... It was fun at first, then everybody did it...

    And the boys with that fake sensitive talking voice type thing, my opinion is obvs irrelevant as it's not aimed at the geriatric demographic, but I can't bloody stand it...

  • Just lots of bad Amy Winehouses

  • I fully appreciate that this is full on old guy territory but I recently listened to a few recentish albums and every single track had pretty much the same FX on the vocals. Every single one. So samey. Reminds me of that brief period in the early 2000s when the music industry couldnt release a track without a vocoder on it.

  • ugh, that all sounds totally rant worthy.

    my aunt (who has plenty of money herself) used her kids to rinse a shit ton out of my nan before she passed (she paid for all the kids activities and outings, pocket money, school clothes etc, while not paying a penny to her other grandchildrens kids. then when the house was sold after her death and all the insurance stuff paid out she claimed my nan had borrowed money off her while alive and was owed a giant share of the estate. she was also named as the executor of the estate. this is also after my grandad had died so was the full estate and included one of those really fucking cushy pensions from when ford was at dagenham and the unions had them by the bollocks.

    I was promised by her and her fella at my nans wake I'd get a bit of money as my nan would have wanted me to ( i grew up with my mum's side of my family and am sort of an outsider on that side of things) and my dad would be looked after properly (having suffered a stroke 5 years prior and being unable to work since), never saw a single penny.

    on my mums side, my aunt did similar with my nans jewellry (which was probably the only thing of worth she left) having sold my nan her diamond rings when the shithouse who proposed cheated on her and she didn't want them, only to take them without consent of the 4 other siblings after she died claiming she was entitled to them as the dickhead cheater died the year before and she wanted them to remember him by, then she took all the stuff from the estate she wanted and cut ties with everyone for 2 years to avoid any backlash. she would make me do the washing up at her house before she'd let me use her phone to call my mum to come pick me after I'd been playing with my cousins when I was a kid so she was at least true to her core morals I suppose.

  • Jeez, sounds stressful for sure. It’s a weird one really, how some people feel entitled to others’ money. Baffles me really.

  • I'm sure there's a YouTube doc or something where someone goes into this in detail, maybe the same person did some on rappers and loved MF Doom and maybe another on something about "yeah" in rock songs or something.

  • Fake punks

  • Are they like skate punks or blink 182?

  • Fake because they’re young?

  • Oof
    I got called fake punk once in Bristol and it's been a running joke of mine since.

    Lots of punk styles made it's way in to mainstream fashun over time, guess that's the closest super serial read into my statement

  • Punk rock died when the first kid said
    "Punk's not dead, punk's not dead"
    You know Louisville is death,
    we've got to up and move
    Because the dead do not improve

  • Punk is not sexual, it's just aggression

  • Having to word polite emails instead of

    “You’re a fucking idiot, stay quiet and let the adults talk”

  • Having to word polite emails

    No! That’s the best bit. Weaponise the politeness. Really work on the considerate decorum. They won’t realise you have stuck the knife in until they bleed out later.

  • I do this.
    Every. Single. Day.
    And I love it.
    And for extra salt I write everything in longhand, no abbreviations, no acronyms, full length file name descriptions, painstaking grammar.

  • Business travellers at airports having loud self important phone conversations about trivial work stuff but loudly trying to sound like they're Jeff Bezos levels of rich and important. Added cunt points for arguing with airport staff that they should be allowed to leave their bags unattended because it's ok, they're an important businessman. Super bonus points for then deliberately leaving your bags unattended again just to make a point.

  • Ha!

    We've moved on to arguing about having to wear a mask now. Cant have a phone conversation while wearing a mask is the argument.

  • I'm going to be sitting next to this cunt on the plane aren't I?

  • Mamn*ck. The chip shop Yaxley-Lennon courting adulation online, I guess to draw out punters ripe for his brand of misogynistic, racist, Islamaphobic, homophobic nonsense.

    Real shame to see some people in the cycling community caught up in the discussion, (presumably) unaware of his past which he now claims was a hoax.

    I did go back to the original thread and remind myself what an utter moron he is. Maybe that should be plural 'bunch of morons' due to multiple accounts and personalities he has.

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I hate

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