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  • Oh shit. What happened?? Hope your doing better and the cats are not plotting to eat you.

  • Hit my head on the bathroom sink, blood everywhere, needed two staples as my home remedy of smearing it with superglue didn't work as well as I thought it might.

  • Oh mate! Superglue is good but not that good and scars are cool! Glad it's not more serious. Hope the concussion clears soon. Did you knock yourself out???

  • Getting into the shower cubicle at work to find the shower is broken. There are other showers but I have to get dressed again to move between the little rooms.

  • Fuck. Take it easy. It’s really important after head injuries.

  • Nope, though I went back to bed afterwards which was really dumb in hindsight and meant that multiple rooms got covered in blood.

  • I have to get dressed again to move

    Pfft. Chicken.

  • Oh dear, hats, hope you're okay, mate... 🤕

  • really dumb in hindsight

    In your defence, you did have a head injury.

    I did something faaar stupider with my recent concussion.

  • Like, crashing and knocking yourself out, finishing the race with no memory of it and then going home and going straight to bed, only for your partner to find you (thankfully, still alive) the next day?

    No one told me about head injury care!

  • I did something faaar stupider with my recent concussion.

    story checks out.

  • Settled status App.

  • Keep fit classes in the park opposite, I have some fucking harpy shouting at the top of her voice right now at her clients. Who needs that s as t 0700.

  • They're probably breaking the law making noise at that time of day, call the police cops...

  • There's one of these quite regularly in the park near me. My dog has taken to shitting right next to them which is equal parts cripplingly embarrassing and very funny.

  • Local-ish park has some obnoxious PT class with a speaker pumping out some awful dance music with a shrill instructor bellowing at the clients.

    I've switched parks that I walk the dog in.

  • Do you want to borrow Crumpet for some one on one dump placement coaching?

  • The ‘physical trainer’ who was using our closest park hasn’t been around in a while. Last I saw him, he was ‘coaching’ some poor bloke in his 50’s for nearly 90 minutes. The client was huffing, puffing and groaning loudly after 30 mins., to the point I was growing concerned towards the end of it. I can’t imagine how badly his DOMS was.

  • Facebook air bnb scammers.
    Ive not been scammed but was close.
    Now im on a reporting crusade.

  • Staying away for the first time with baby, and our first time away anywhere in well over a year.

    The mattress at the cottage has crippled me. Nothing like waking up on the first day of your holiday feeling like you’ve fallen down a flight of stairs.

  • I dont understand how ppl can cheap out on one of the most important components of a business where people are paying to sleep in your property for sake of a couple hundred quid.

    decent reviews would recoup any increased outlay in a few bookings.

  • It’s a funny one, as it’s a place my grandparents bought about 35 years ago. It recently had some work done, but the bed we erroneously chose appears to have a fairly vintage mattress. There’s a big complicated thing about trying to use it at a holiday let, but tbh there’s so many issues like the mattress that would probably spell disaster if people actually paid to stay here.

    Just remembered that the last time we stayed here a few years back we actually bailed to sleep at a pals house not too far away as the bed caused me so much grief, whoops.

  • A friend of ours has a stunning holiday rental on her farm in the peak District. It couldn't be a nicer building in a better location. However, her commitment to keep the 1970s carpets and 25 year old knackered mattresses is something else. Look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves, you see?

  • Plot twist: Stonehedge’s friend’s spouse is the village chiropractor.

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I hate

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