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  • I’m also a fan of thin towels; when I had a decent commute I used to use a tenugui at work, dried super fast and didn’t stand out as a towel might have done. Still keep one in my saddlebag

  • I take all the excess water off with a flannel first. Leaves very little for the towel to do so it takes a while before it needs to go in the wash.

  • Nobody has time for that.

  • When you order something online and receive the , unexpected..

    'Your parcel is now with your Hermes courier'

    Only to be followed by

    'Theres a delay in getting your parcel out to you'

    Which means I'm never seeing it.

    I fucking hate Hermes.

  • If you're lucky you might get a "your parcel has been successfully delivered", complete with a photo of it outside a house you've never seen before in your life.

  • Rubbish sox. I need some decent ones

  • Or a note through your door explaining that your parcel was left in ‘Your porch’ which in reality is not an enclosed extension to the house front but is a two inch deep recess in your brickwork acommodating the door that is in full view of the (thieving) public at large.

  • I don’t remember asking anyone to do it for me.

  • People on here changing their name.

    Why? Change your avatar or whatever, but why your name?

  • Tell that to Hugo6!

  • That some fucker just stole our milk. I heard the gate and the chink of glass but by the time I got the door unlocked they'd gone. 4 pints.

  • CCTV ? Ring doorbell footage ?

    can't be easy running off with 4 glass bottles

  • We don't have either. I'm not sure it would help unless it was a recognisable neighbour and I know almost all our neighbours. They are more likely to offer me milk than steal it.

    I did run after the only people in the street, in my dressing gown and slippers (one joy of middle age is the lack of fucks given to what you look like when shit needs to be done). It was a mum and son with a shopping bag. Asked them if they saw anyone and they said no. They probably took it but what can you do? Can't demand they open their bags to prove it.

  • At that point you might also figure they might need it too :/

  • It does add to the general meh vibe around the place these days... 🙄

  • Yes, definitely better to be a person who can afford to lose milk than someone who has to steal it.

    Also better to be a person who can afford to lose milk than someone who can afford to buy it but prefers to steal it.

    Either way, isn't it lucky the thief has happened to steal from someone who can afford it, since as far as I know they didn't check before they decided to nick it.

  • I did run after the only people in the street , in my dressing gown and slippers

    I see that sort of thing every now and then because there is a day centre for the elderly while also offering facilities for psychiatric patients.

    Edit - neat , edit there :)

  • Ha! Yes I read it back and realised it didn't quite say what I meant. To be very clear, the people in the street may or may not have been milk thieves but they were fully and appropriately dressed. I was not.

  • Not knowing if it’s kidney pain or back pain.

    Not like either herniated disk or renal failure are desirable either way (this is an exaggeration of course, but the mind gets carried away with itself).

  • To distract from the fact you shared something horrible and want people to quickly forget/move on. It's an effective tactic.

  • I can't get milk delivered as it appears that too much in the area gets nicked so they no longer deliver.

  • Getting on a train, opening your buds case to put some sounds on, and….

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  • which user was it that hand squeegees themselves before towelling

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I hate

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