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  • Hope your dog is ok after being stung by the hornet. When I was very little our house was infested with hornets and my parents would get their friends round to form a hornet killing brigade. I found it really upsetting and wanted to start a hornet hospital, I drew lots of pictures of how I was going to tend for the hornets and everything. A couple of years later, we'd finally killed all the hornets but I was visiting my cousin and got stung by a hornet there! I couldn't get the sting out and still have a lump on my hand 25+ years later. #csb

  • Bran flakes is where it's at.

    Bran Flakes is the second best cereal, the best being Special K.

  • Recently it's been a fucking ball ache, with very little upside.

    I can't bring myself to flounce, but the temptation is strong.

    Take a little break and then you can come back and reply to everyone days late when no one cares anymore (like me!).

  • I think dunking my hand in water for ages was actually quite effective! Had a bit of pain last night but this morning I've just got one fairly small blister and am missing a few finger prints but am otherwise ok.
    I might give it a punt anyway to be on the safe side.

  • She is fine now. But we have a proper nighttime curfew here, trying to have as few lights on as possible to not attract the hornets to windows and doors and being super careful letting the dogs out for a pee before bedtime. I might as well have an ankle tag as I am not risking venturing outside after dark.

  • missing a few finger prints

    Time to break into a chemist without having to put condoms on your fingers (Quadrophenia)

  • Maybe this could be the big break I've been looking for in my criminal career.

  • How long into autumn/winter are hornets active? Sounds like a nightmare!

  • Until the frost/weather gets cold. Two years ago we had a couple of hornets nests - one in the garage eaves the other in the roof of our house. That was fucking terrifying as there could be 15-20 bashing against a single window.

    When the exterminator came there was a half hour period of dying hornets falling from the sky. But if I can’t locate the nest this year there is no point in calling the exterminator.

    I really need to carry epi pens at the moment especially as my wife is away on business so can’t run to my rescue.

  • clad her office in oak

    Holy fuck that has to be spenny right now.

    What nail gun you going for?

  • best being Special K

    Yes! I am the only one who likes it in our house and I don't get a say in the shopping because kids get their way instead.

    F*cking weetabix... sloppy, yet somehow gritty, horrible sh*t that sets like cement when they leave it in the bowl that somehow gets secreted under a table/chair/bed, etc...

    I would add any soggy breakfast cereal to that hate list, actually.

  • If you hate weetabix now, wait until you have to clean the nappy of a child that eats weetabix.

    Little sticky weetabixy poopy bits all over, that you can't get off.

  • Been there; done that. Three of them - 8, 5 and 2.


  • Left over cladding from when we did the house extension. It’s actually for the composting toilet which is part of her wood cabin office. The interior is mesh lined panels and I have put left over insulation panels up and need to cover them up.

    I have an air compressor for tubeless tyres, cleaning chainsaws etc so have ordered an ace & k brad nailer (I also have about 1.5k left over stainless brad’s).

    So all in all the job cost is the nail gun which will be used on future work too.

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  • trying to get fucking boomers to share a screen on teams who then get salty with you because they're utterly incapable of following basic onscreen instructions.

    just fucking retire and make space for someone that is remotely competent.

  • Motorists that get angry at you for not following the rules that they made up in their head

  • Indeed. I had to contact someone the other week about an issue they were having. Four times including screenshots I told her how to do what she needed to do. Ended up being a remote support session. She's probably on £100K plus and unable to follow basic instructions

  • fuck sakes.

    i honestly think it's a conscious decision to not want to know / be deliberately obtuse because "why should i have to learn something new to accommodate you?" - i'm trying to fucking help you, you over indulged man-baby!

    Some of these people are doctors.

  • i honestly think it's a conscious decision to not want to know

    This is also my mother and any technology in a nutshell. Followed by examples of out-of-date processes from the 70s and 80s that "worked before they messed with them", whoever they are...

  • my gf is like this with the coffee machine, i've written out detailed instructions and taught her how to do it at least 5 times and she just expunges all of the information from her brain the second we're done.

    she's an intelligent person when it comes to most things but she has a boomers mentality at learning anything new but is only 4 years older than me.

  • Hell, yes. Although I did get a slice of humble pie recently when I realised it’s now part of the Highway Code that traffic should occupy all lanes to capacity on the approach to a merge (Yes, I was one of the holier than thou outside lane holders).
    I’m OK with that new rule until you get the t***s behind that think it’s OK to bully-lane-swap their way up the queues.

  • People who make an obvious point in a forum post, without realising it was made slightly more subtly by the previous poster.

  • That's exactly what I posted earlier, but with greater elegance.

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I hate

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