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  • Agreed. I wanted to be in and out and didn’t think, there’s a nice pub that does food and has football on too loud down from where I was which is where I should have been.

    I still hate it however.

  • My grandad (RIP) smashed his Audi right through the local GP surgery’s wall when he smashed the wrong pedal. That was the end of his driving.

  • We were a weetabix family and made sure to get the equivalent bowls when the chance arrived. Still love weetabix to this day and I’m a mad one who likes just two biscuits and a little cold milk so it’s still got a bit of crisp through the full eat.

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  • I got stung by a bee last week. £12 for a jar of honey, ffs.

  • Never heard of melmac but as kids we did have a set of Melaware crockery. I remember it vividly; it made a deafening crack noise on the kitchen floor tiles if you dropped it but it never broke or so much as cracked. It was seemingly indestructible and I think my mum still has it and I’d be interested to know if forty + years has caused it to degrade at all.

  • All just brand names of melamine stuff as far as I know.

  • Those look cool, were they melamine type plastic as well?

  • I think they were just normal ceramic but I might be remembering wrong

  • ‘Normal Ceramic’ would be better than melamine in my books!

  • two biscuits and a little cold milk so it’s still got a bit of crisp through the full eat


  • Regular breakable ceramic.

    I have a set somewhere, and my brother had some that have been repaired multiple times.

    (We are a Weetabix family. I always assume shredded wheat eaters either haven't had the glory of Weetabix, or are masochists)

  • I've been both but always eaten drenched, soaked and soft... I'm GF these days but would still smash a bowl of three Shredded Wheat given half a chance, by far my favourite of the two...

  • I was late to shredded wheat as my dad was very strict on the weetabix only rule. I do like shredded wheat but it does need to be much soggier than my preferred weetabix milk to biscuit ratio. Has to be the big pillow shredded wheat too. Never been a fan of the bitesize variety or shreddies.

  • Also Italian coffee is Colombian


  • Melaware crockery

    Yeah we had these as kids - cereal bowls in 'mushroom'

    They stained IIRC but my Mum had discovered that they could be cleaned with a smearing of toothpaste.
    There was a smell of toothpaste forever after.
    Mildly hated that with me Wheatabix.

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  • Those bowls 👌

    Can't be doing cold though. Saucepan up some warm coconut milk, pour over 3 bricks.

    Can't stand though when people mix 2 or 3 bricks, so you end up with one left in the ream.

  • Weetbix. It's just awful tasteless, Australian (look it up) cardboardy muck. It's cheap and healthy, and my kids like it, but they have terrible taste.

  • Bran flakes is where it's at.

  • I used to really love All Bran, so nutty... One weekend back in the 90s I smashed two big bowls of it for breakfast, I spent the rest of the day on the shitter, so much arse pain... I haven't eaten All Bran since...

  • Bran Flakes are an excellent start to the day as well. Cinnamon Grahams are my go to none healthy option and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying their new Churro version over the last few weeks. I should probably take my cereal love chat out of the I hate thread at this point though.

  • The quest for certainty

  • What a bunch of effete urbanites. Breakfast isn't breakfast without bacon, sausages and chops. Kippers or devilled kidneys are acceptable alternatives.

  • Specifically we saw a neighborhood cat.

  • I wouldn't know about that....

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I hate

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