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  • Bee stings - ASAP after it happens, make a paste out of baking soda and a little water and put that over the sting. Keep it on for at least 15 minutes then repeat as necessary. It neutralises the venom and reduces the histamine reaction and swelling. Lots of personal experience doing this. It does work well.

  • Lots of useful info for next time.

    Pharmacy sold me Ibuprofen (which I needed anyway as we'd run out) for the pain and inflamation. Plus some Loratadine (antihistamine) for the day as it is non-drowsy but doesn't work as well as ... Piriton for the night. Also some Hydrocortisone cream to help keep the itching at bay.

    Can't do Piriton during the day as I've got an interview, plus some driving to do, then playing 5-a-side football, then going to the pub. None of those would be good with any possible drowsiness (and you shouldn't drink on Piriton, but Piriton an hour after 4-5 pints isn't bad apparently).

  • Our bitch trod on a hornet last night. Poor little thing was in agony and had no idea what had happened. My wife went into a panic calling the vet etc while I stayed relatively calm and googled what to do. Dog was given metacam and piriton for pain and antihistamine. She has a club foot this morning but is otherwise fine. Given I get anaphylaxis from wasps I’d assume the same for hornets. So I am currently fucking terrified of going outside- last night we had multiple stripey fuckers dive bombing the windows of the house.

    But I have yet to keep eyesight on one when it returns to the nest.

  • What you have just said has just made me double take about the amount of piriton I take every day during the summer. Have never noticed a drowsy effect! Promethazine however...one tablet knocks me the fuck out!

  • And wasp stings need vinegar to neutralise, they are the opposite to bees and have an alkaline sting.

  • Never had to take Piriton before, but today is not the day to find out whether it has drowsy side effects on me.

  • Happy to piss on anyone if it helps.

  • One thing to be aware of. If the swollen area continues to itch and grow you may have cellulitis which is bad. I have had it twice from insect bites in the garden. Once sorted with oral antibiotics, other worse time had to have a course of IV antibiotics at A&E. Draw round the inflamed area with a pen to keep track of spread.

  • yes this! I was bitten last week on the wrist by some spider or some shit (have a look at the nhs page to see how many biting insects we have in this country!) and my Dr friend went into full on panic when my forearm swelled up. Didn't help that I had been moving furniture around so she confused the sweat I had on for a fever and wanted me to go to A & E.
    I got some oral antibiotics from the Dr and it cleared up in a couple of days.

  • Have you located the nest??? Good luck hope the colder weather inbound sends them in to sleepy mode.

  • Still no joy. It feels like I step into a war zone with snipers when I go outside.

  • We had a load of hornets earlier in the summer, really big buggers, they were constantly congregating on the end of a branch of the tree above my office, was so loud that you could hear them as soon as you stepped outside. We spent ages trying to find the nest, but in the end they just disappeared after a week or so, so we assume there is not a nest too close and they were just using my train as a resting point or something.

  • Did you get the stinger out? (Credit card works well for this) The hot spoon thing works well for bee stings, but you should get the stinger out first.

  • Yes, it was easy to just pull out in one go. I did that instinctively within seconds before I remembered the credit-card trick.

  • ...and the ability to bump start the car. Also, towing an auto is tricky!

  • Having discovered those little USB battery packs that can start a car with an incredibly flat battery this no longer holds any fear for me.

  • Self service till at Sainsbury’s stops me buying 2 packs of Ibuprofen, bloke next to me allowed to buy 2 bottles of Southern Comfort.

  • Main issue with Automatic gearboxes is pensioners or other incompetent drivers panicking and hitting the accelerator instead of the brake. Can be made worse if they are in reverse when they think they are in drive or vice versa

  • Weetabix, its Weetabix.

    Messiest breakfast ever. Impossible to get one from the packet without bits getting fucking everywhere.

    Also double whammy of drying to a concrete like finish on your dishware if you don't clean your bowl right away.

    Damn you Weetabix, damn you to hell.

  • Always hated it too, we were a Shredded Wheat family when it came to dry cereals. So invested were we that a set of melmac rectangular bowls were ordered that neatly held two biscuits/bales.
    Best way to eat them? Glad you asked - place in bowl, pour boiling water over, drain, add milk and the darkest brown sugar you can find.

  • Super fancy meals in Italy.

    Whilst the food is exemplary I don’t want a dish of just meat then a dish of just pasta.

    Too much faff and time. Also Italian coffee is mediocre at best.

  • @greenhell will have apoplexy at rectangular bowls.

  • This is about a poor decision you have made, a bit like going to a burger place and complaining you don’t like meat patties in a bun.

    I love reading moronic reviews on trip advisor, the gazpacho was cold etc etc

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I hate

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