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  • At this point, you may as well just stick your dishes outside and hope for rain. Or foxes.

  • Shit, you got me! How on earth did humans make it to 2021 without dishwashers? How have we survived 10 years in this place without one. My god, I shall rush out and purchase one immediately.

  • Shit, you got me! How on earth did humans make it to 2021 without dishwashers? How have we survived 10 years in this place without one. My god, I shall rush out and purchase one immediately.

    This is me and tubeless tyres.

  • I'm all over this tubeless shit now. Just not for road. Fuck road tubeless. Fat tyres though, especially with a 'heavier rider' that used to have to run 60psi+ just to stop pinch flatting is so much nicer. 20-25psi in the 50mm and 30ish in the 47mm is so much nicer on the body compared to the old XC setup I used.

  • 8 dishes in washed in dishwasher every night

    I don't understand this bit. Who runs a dishwasher with 8 things in it? You wait until it is actually full and have done a certain amount of Tetris style shuffling before running it.

  • They used 8 items to represent a hand-washed 2 people meal - 2 plates, 2 knives, 2 forks, etc

    Most people would run it more full. Just like some people wouldn't use 30L water a day to wash their stuff in the sink. Basically their arguments are bullshit for people who are used to not wasting water. Maybe I'm just odd because I grew up in a drought-stricken country (although living next to a river made that seem at odds with my reality).

  • and normally we use half a sink to wash a day's dishes (more like 6 items per meal, not 8 items only) I'm still confident -our- washing up habits are more efficient than any of your dishwasher shenanigans.

    Yeah but you don't have to run the dishwasher every day, assuming you're blessed to own more than two knives/forks/plates

  • ?
    It’s t’other

  • Trees. More specifically the ones outside ar house, even specificallyer, the flying arsehole green parrots that live in them that insist on using my freshly washed motor for target practice for thier violently purple shits.

    chop them down, they ruin my view of the sea.

  • Pure golf nimby gold

  • Yeah but that's their comparison. Daily running vs. daily washing.

    Us 'sink washers' also don't have to wash dishes every day either. mindblown.gif

  • Us 'sink washers' also don't have to wash dishes every day either.

    When I'm at a place that doesn't have a dishwasher I do because there often isn't a lot of space to stack up dirty dishes while a dishwasher is good for that.

  • It was also about tackling the original claim that you'd be better off running a half empty dishwasher than handwashing (as I remember it).

    TBH it's so hard to work this stuff out properly. Our dishwasher came with the house and is old, so probably not that efficient. But it's probably eaten it's production cost. However, we have kids stuff to hand wash plus don't dishwash pans so how much does it save anyway?

    However, fuck having to do all the dishwashing I already do plus what goes in the washer.

  • When I was young my uncle lived in a smart bit of the Newbury burbs. One of their neighbours used to get a new number plate every year to make it seem like they had a new car.

    It absolutely baffled me as a kid because it clearly wasn't the current years model. I was very in to cars, but still it seemed like such an obvious fail. Likewise, surely everyone knows Mercs deprecate like stones and old ones cost fuck all?

    EDIT: fuck me. I knew old mercs weren't worth much, but I didn't realise how little. I know running, etc. But wow.

  • I just throw my dirty plates over the fence or burn the takeaway packaging like a good little hippie.

  • My bosses in Oz were BMW fanboys. They would love to point out the Beemers with M3 badges that only had one exhaust, ie. clearly not an M3.

    Same shit as people buying knockoff Rolex watches and shit to impress peeps (or for that matter, real Rolex watches to impress people). If you're that insecure you'd be better off spending your money on some therapy or just a week in the hills to see that all you need is a bit of food, water and shelter and everything else is basically pointless.

  • As a northern whippet hugger would say it or “thuther” US pronunciation?

  • I'm surprised you're defending manual dish-washing when you're normally so vigorous about using your time efficiently. You might as well start ironing your socks

  • What makes you think I'm doing the dishes?

    Oh, I think we have an iron here. I've never used it though. I don't plan to start either.

    No wonder there's a kitchen reno thread on here. All your rich bastards throwing white goods into your castles like there's no tomorrow! Some of us don't have room for a dishwasher.

  • When we had out (sub 40k) kitchen done we planned for a dishwasher (I've never had one in my 40 years on earth)

    Fitters said we had to lose out outside tap because the pipes were in the way, told them to fuck off the dishwasher, they look they gave me was like I suggested they used cheese instead of tiles on the wall.

  • It's on the exit of the Deansgate Interchange, Mcr.

  • I'm too poor to even own a kitchen let alone renovate one but fair, not everyone has the space. If you do it's a good way to save yourself 20+ minutes of utter boredom per day.

  • Apparently we're getting a dishwasher. I'm already pre-emptively mourning the ruination of my wooden handled kitchen knives.

  • Don't put the good knives in.

  • I won't, but it isn't me that needs convincing / reminding - I regularly rescue them from soaking in the sink bowl full of water, and occasionally from the compost bin.

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I hate

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