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  • Just wait five seconds and it will close anyway

    Not always - I've stood in a Tesco customer lift with half a dozen people all waiting for the doors to close ( probably thinking its broken again šŸ™„ ) until some clever person ,usually at the back reaches round* and presses the close door button.

    So there.

    • don't
  • Also, wish I had a big rack.

  • I have quite a big rack. Usually I'll strap nic - nacs to it - I get these from Paddy. Once I strapped one of Nelson Mandela's famous smack'n'crack party packs to it. Blimey - it only just fit.

  • Ooh, while we're here... It was only a matter of time...

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  • What's the most common type of British owl?

    The tea-towel!

  • An tea towel

  • Teat owl?

  • Hearing a USAnian say the word ā€˜mirrorā€™ is always amusing.

  • pedestrians who stand at crossing lights without pressing the button

    I always press them twice - once to get across the road, and then again when I'm on the other side because fsck cars

  • "Me Julie" is the worst. Even if that is her name. Someone on here is guilty of this.

  • "Ditabersee"


  • Where do you put it when its used but not dirty? on the counter? Gross

    The cats arse

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  • Takes too long to dry like that, dries much faster on the oven handle.
    Slow drying tea towels/dish cloths reek.

  • I never really understood that.

    Was it Ali G's invention or does it predate that?

  • Have always assumed it was Ali G. It reads the same to me as 'wassup' and fast show references...

  • I was a teenager in Florida in 1980 with my parents, younger brother & sister and grandmother.

    We were in a ribshack type restaurant and my grandma who was quite well spoken asked for 'a nice cup of tea'.

    'An iced tea?' was the response.

    Fair enough misunderstanding from the waitress but to my teenage self and brother and sister it was excruciatingly embarrassing.

  • I've always just assumed it was the Ali G version of my Doris

  • I moved to Vancouver for a bit when I was younger - second day there, much excite. In a 7-11, I ask for "a bottle of water"... I repeat... shopkeeper asks if I can speak english ...
    * I can't remember why I would be asking for a bottle instead of just paying for one, maybe I couldn't see them and was asking where they were, it was a long time ago.
    ** I think it was the missing 't's that threw them.

  • the light goes red, no delay, no buttons.

    I mentioned the cycle crossing, I was riding that way today...

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  • Use a dishwasher. Much more efficient.

  • No, it isn't. This discussion has already been thrashed out on here. We are not all your energy wasting partner.

  • Ooh, hadn't noticed it did that, think I'm just used to looking at the traffic there rather than the crossing from before they redid it.

  • More or Less had a piece on this the other day.

    I think you need >13 items in a load to beat hand washing.

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I hate

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