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  • I hate people who put teatowels on the oven handle

    I hate you too

    Where do you put it when its used but not dirty? on the counter? Gross

  • hat. The oven door handle is expressly designed for storing tea towels.

    this. Shaped for it and everything!

  • People who use the word curate/curated when they are trying to sell me something

  • Ha!

    This was a meme amongst our little group of mates in New York. One had the crispest RP accent going, but when trying to get water would fully switch to their pronunciation to avoid the blank stairs and constant repetition.

  • Urban ledge was if you spun that button you could make the lights change quicker

  • In an ideal world peds should get an automatic priority i.e. the moment ped arrives at lights the the light goes red, no delay, no buttons.

    There's a bike crossing here that is triggered as bike passes over sensor 20m before. It is so satisfying.

  • Re: USA. Aluminum.

  • I dread to imagine what you would add if they asked for a green tea.

  • I've softened a bit on that one after reading Bill Bryson's explanation in Short History of Nearly Everything.

  • Long time ago in Newcastle I ordered a bacon and avocado sandwich expecting cold crispy bacon and avocado slices and got a hot bacon butty with guacamole. Was lush.

  • Until you open the oven door and your bloody tea towel hits the floor, you filthy animal!!

  • Edited... 🤦♂️

  • If you're using your oven and you haven't removed the tea towel, are you really using your oven?

  • But then you have the tea towel folded in your hand ready to use it as an oven glove to remove the hot tray inside

  • Are people actually using tea towels to dry things?

  • Yes but only towelly ones. Which brings me on to a hate. Cloth tea towels. They don't dry anything, they just get saturated immediately and smear the water around the dishes you're trying to dry

  • You mean the pretend linen one's with 'I visited Blackpool Tower' or 600 types of shire horses on - wouldn't use them on a filthy motorcycle even.

  • Does the button even do anything though?

    I think it's just a stress relief button to make you feel like you are making progress when in reality nothing is happening.

    Almost the opposite to the door close button in a lift/elevator which when people press it you think 'man, you must be stressed. Just wait five seconds and it will close anyway'

  • You've just made me question what we actually use tea towels for in our house, probably just drying hands because everything goes in the dishwasher, our kitchen sink's too small to wash anything up in it...

  • Fun game, find a gap in the traffic, do a frogger run, make the fuckers wait

  • Two sink system with drying rack on drainer beside sink. Wash, rinse, drying rack, boom, no tea towels involved. The thing to do when the drying rack is full is to go do something else for a bit, not reach for a tea towel.

    Don't actually have two sinks, so have a tub sitting on the other side of the kitchen sink. Works well for us.

  • I have a drainer on the sink but no rack so you have to play the game of stacking everything super precariously without anything falling off and smashing. Or else just get the tea towel

  • Our drainer is so tiny even the smallest rack is too big for it, it's always overflowing with coffee paraphernalia and blender bits anyway... Kitchen sink Jenga...

  • I've been listening to a very slightly Australian sounding person on a podcast, you can barely tell apart from the word darter coming up quite often and grating, she knows what she's saying, just say it properly, even dader like an American will do.

  • Just wait five seconds and it will close anyway

    Not always - I've stood in a Tesco customer lift with half a dozen people all waiting for the doors to close ( probably thinking its broken again 🙄 ) until some clever person ,usually at the back reaches round* and presses the close door button.

    So there.

    • don't
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I hate

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