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  • Public transport

  • Only time I been chatted up by a monk was getting stuck in an airport during a typhoon. #csb

  • I think we need to hear what line they used.

  • Mentioned they had a dirty Habit?

  • All the spam phone calls I get from the UK. Has accelerated in the last months.

  • Yeah kids on the pay roll tax bodge dodge.

  • typhoons are fun had a super typhhon hit hk 2 years ago when I was there lots of mad vids of buildings swaying big cranes falling or spinning round. But normally like you said it gets flaged as a T8 = go home stop every thing and it changes direction.

  • The last one was a "super typhoon" and it was pretty badass

    I want to see that!

  • TV chef's getting there family involved in the programme. Fuck off.

    It’s all about the £££. Never adds a damn thing.

    Big exception was that Brazilian master chef episode where the chef just couldn’t open a jar and her dad in the audience saved the day. Dude was going to open that jar even if it killed him.

  • Teething cries.

    The mix of extreme high pitched crying and being entirely helpless.

  • I saw some of those videos! Scared the shit out of me.

  • That’s what London was like most of this summer

  • People asking "what WiFi do you use?" when they mean which ISP.

    A tiny thing that gives me fingernails on a blackboard rage. And it means I don't help them because I can't do it without correcting them which would make me a twat.

  • Yeah! See also when users say 'My Internet isn't working'

    Oh! Your Internet? Mine is fine....

  • When people say "The Internet is broken" I rush to the nearest TV and turn on BBC News.

  • Should be heading away now so you don’t need to mop your own floors anymore.

    See how it veered away from HK when it heard that the quarantine arrangements for arrivals from the Philippines is 21 days in the dreaded Penny’s Bay. Not even a tropical weather system wants that shit.

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  • Not such good news for South Korea tho', has it weakened?

  • Yep, it's not a typhoon anymore. Just rain.

  • It's not the floors I'm so worried about, it's the pile of laundry that I would have to do myself if the weather didn't chill out.

    21 days quarantine is grim - my friend did 14 days in a hotel above Shanghai South Station, where a large clock chimes on the hour and every arriving and departing train is announced multiple times... not sure I could cope with that.

  • People asking "what WiFi do you use?"

    5ghz band if I am close to the router, 2.4 if i'm a bit further away, but the router does it automatically. How about you?

  • People who say Voilà as 'Wollah'

    See also Volks'waggon'


  • But do you say choritho

  • When @hippy says grrl

  • I just get a snippet of Rebel Girl playing in my head for a few seconds

  • PistaTchio - if they say this they should say spajetti.

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I hate

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