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  • We did actually feel bit bad afterwards

    You should make it up to me

  • I didn't mind. They were nice ppl.

    as opposed to who Iain, eh, eh?

  • Look Listen Learn >>>>>>>>

  • No YOU'RE a shame.

  • Mate, whose presence was it, you think, that made it the table of shame?

  • Fine! As opposed to you Ciq! As opposed to you, you slimey bastard!

  • Single-handedly ruining the wedding? Plausible, but I think you know better.

  • Back on track….

    Bands/artists who named their tours (remember those).

    Bowie’s “Serious Moonlight” tour still winds me even today.

  • The fucking incessant ear grating cackle that magpies make. Usually twofold.

  • Ever been to Australia and heard it's even more obnoxious cousin the kookaburra. it's such a noisy twat that magpies mostly stick to just divebombing the fuck out of children instead

  • I dislike most birds (other than birds of prey, flamingoes and parrots) but I hate the little bastard that is making a nest on the air conditioning unit of the flat above mine. I hate its little chirps, I hate that it riles up my cats, I hate that it will inevitably shit all over my window.

    But I don't hate it as much as I hate cicadas, the deafening and scarily large insect things that soon (thankfully) will all drop dead, but even that they do in the most annoying way possible, literally dropping to the ground so you have to step around dead giant bug things.

  • Magpies in Australia make a totally different sound, it’s lovely. It’s just every other bird that makes an awful screeching sound. Sulphur crested cockies are the worst.

  • Corvids are fucking great!

    Jackdaws are top of the bunch.

  • Can't think of a birdcall/birdsong that annoys me really. Maybe seagulls

    I suppose Parakeets can grate after a while but they brighten the place up.

  • Morning magpies are cunts.

  • Jackdaws are my favourite too

  • Seagulls are annoying because of humans. They used to fuck off and roost on the cliffs before people started feeding them chips.

    I’ve lived in houses where pigeons sat on the windowsill and cooed for hours when I’ve been in the grip of a hangover/comedown and they really take the biscuit.

    Again - they were probably alright before we attracted them to the cities.

  • Dodos are utter fuckfaces and I can't wait to see the back of every last bastard one of them.

  • I hate the sound ostriches make.

  • I made ends meet working on an ostrich farm one summer. It's insane the amount of noise they make.

  • So glad that I’m not the only one getting riled up by irritating bird calls.

    Also, my neighbour puts leftover meat on the flat roof of their extension for seagulls?! They can get in this thread too.

  • I looked after someone's parrot once. All it did was squawk and shit, and then it shit some more. Tempted to give it the Norwegian Blue treatment!

  • The fucking incessant ear grating cackle that magpies make. Usually twofold.

    Never heard this until today a few hours after reading this comment. Goddamn bedlam outside my window and wouldn’t you know it, 8 magpies.

  • they can gut a man with a flick of a toe. and every one of them is named 'Derek'.

    hateful hellbirds.

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I hate

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