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  • I used to but the ads do my head in, just YouTube these days... We use SBS On Demand, that's great...

  • must have changed since I was last in Oz (7+ years)
    used to be really good, with short ad breaks, but it also used to be ad free due to being partially taxpayer funded

  • Absolute fucking BADMAN

  • Top man! In a similar vein, I know a guy who designs and builds staircases. A client took his drawings and gave the work to someone else. The drawings provided were 75mm out on purpose, the client tried to sue, they failed.

  • I forgot to say, the roofers' revenge was a total loss to himself, but involved 4am, a chain and a tractor.

  • I have a justice boner.

  • Bonus points for letting the neighbours know the client is a cunt.

  • Fantastic, I love that man.

  • I run a business and what bugs me is customers/clients who are sweet as you like when they bring work to you then turn into supercilious, picky pain in the rear when you hand over a faultless piece of work. They trust you enough to hand over their Uber-expensive pride and joy and then (with a sour, untrusting face and tone of voice) ask if you’ve done this, that and the other as if you are a 13 year old bob-a-job airhead.

  • C*nts with fireworks at 2am. A whole f*cking display. Could hear it but not see where it was. Will compare notes with neighbours today. Kids woken up. Next door’s new dog went ape. I don’t care what man in the sky religious festival or what random celebration you might be having. F*ck off.

  • SBS on Demand has ads. Not many. Still a good free streaming service though.

  • Normally I would agree but few years ago I was woken up by this. Within a few short minutes it was clear it was no ordinary amateur display. A firework storage facility about a half mile away went up in flames and the result was pretty breathtaking, to say the least. Anything future organised display is just, meh, to be honest.

  • The Archers.

  • The Cavalry.

  • The Fusiliers

  • the pusillanimous effort of the IOC, and the Russians cleaning up medals that should be handed to athletes from countries not under a faux ban.
    "Cheats never prosper, except when they medal" would be a more fitting Olympic motto than " Faster, Higher, Stronger - Together"

  • 'Medal' as a verb

  • Anti-vax people/movement(hate calling it that)/nutters.
    It's almost unavoidable at this stage. Stickers on lamp posts, idiots on social media. It's leaking into people's minds like a disease. I have perfectly sane friends that are sadly lapping this shit up. It's affected a number of personal relationships. Sad sad times.

  • What else are they going to do when they podium?

  • Hear hear.

    Very hard to accept the fact that people you are very close with are... (for the lack of better word) stupid. And the most annoying thing about it is I know there was no research done by the said person, it's only something that was overheard and they went like ''yup, seems legit''. I'm expecting a flat earth conversation soon...

  • Just had this with my older Brother (we don't really see much of each other and speak even less) . I knew he'd flirted around the craters edge of conspiracy theories for a while. I just asked him if he'd had his jabs, this was his reply:

    No, I don't trust the gov, I don't trust the shitty nhs, and I have followed this ''pandemic'' with an open mind regarding it's effects and I see a lot more going on and that scares me more than covid or coronavirus ,or covid 19 or whatever it's variant this week. Freedom of choice , in fact most freedoms are being lost, people are losing jobs and lives are being ruined because people want freedom of choice, never before even when we have had 44k dying of flu in a winter has this been done, I defend your right to have it , and mine not to, having it does not stop you getting it spreading it .. virus are ever changing and no ''vaccine'' can ever solve that, the history of virus and vaccinations tells us that.Stay well bruv xx

    I mean, FFS where to start? 😔

  • "Yeah cheers.


    Enjoy christmas on your own"

  • having it does not stop you getting it

    He's obviously done his research.

    Don't mean to make light of it but that line made me laugh.

    Unfortunately close family members have alienated themselves from me with this kind of chat.

    Some seem to be taking this high horse, I support everyone but claim to be on the side of freedom to choose.
    One line a family member said to me:
    "I'm not for or against vaccines, but I respect your choice to have it"

    I questioned in which way that she was not for vaccines as they seem to have done a good job so far.
    I'm not even going to repeat the gibberish that came next.
    So surprised the ideas have caught so many people but I guess this conversation could be had alongside all of the residual mental health issues that the pandemic has perpetuated.

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I hate

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