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  • And everyone got their suits made at a tailor. My grandads were working class but looked very dapper in their suits.

    Years ago I went to a wedding in Bermuda, where a lot of the guests were Americans working in finance, so I'd imagine pretty well-off. It was all baggy suit trousers, novelty ties etc... IMHO I looked better in my H&M outfit.

  • I’m 100% convinced that most American men buy suits that they can grow into.

  • Thats the one - although I went up market and used the 'tailoring service' at the Oxford Street branch ( cos i'm worth it ) - shiny 2 tone silver with a shiny scarlet inner lining.


  • £49.99

    I bought a suit for £49.99 two years ago. Would be interesting to compare a 80s/90s £50 suit with a 2019 £50 suit!

  • Currently dressed for work: t-shirt from 2008 London 2 Paris, shorts that used to be black, purchased 20 years ago in Oz, no shoes.

    = Aussie formal wear.

  • We're currently experiencing our week of winter so it's hilarious to see Australians in hats, coats, jeans... And flip-flops...

    Or thongs, if you prefer... Best week of the year...

  • Thongs and jeans, bro. I still rock that look over here in winter. :)

  • A lounge suit?

    Easier to describe what it's not. It's a non-business suit that isn't black tie.

    Different from smart casual or blazers.

  • One of my (male) colleagues has been doing Zoom calls topless this week. Not ok.

  • In SheBu you probably get the Queenslanders in boardies and thongs at Christmas, right?

    I'll never forget a Victorian mate of mine who was so excited at seeing snow for the first time in London that she went out for a walk before work... She'd walked about a mile before she realised she was still in her pyjamas, silly sausage was late that day...

  • That sounds quite familiar. I've definitely wandered down the street in shorts and thongs in the pissing rain here but I think by the time I saw snow I'd actually got some warm clothes.

    I'm still terrible with weather in winter - I see blue sky and leave the house in summer kit only to realise too late it's -2C and then I'm now too stubborn to turn around and change.

    Weirdly I always raced in knee warmers in Oz, no matter how hot it got. I thought it would psyche other the other riders or looked cool or something. Let's face it, I'm a bit odd.

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  • Keen to show off his lockdown body? Or working in a very hot room?

  • I was on a course with a Nigerian guy who had never seen snow before, at lunch,we all had a snowball fight then taught him to make a snowman.
    A senior manager lined us up and gave us a bollocking it felt like I was back at school (by that I mean being bossed around by humourless cunts with no sense of fun).
    The dress code was business suits btw.

  • bullshit "digital first" services that, once you've jumped through all the hoops to install an app on your phone - an app that on closer inspection appears to be just a responsive web page of their vanilla website - ends up instructing you to call their fucking call centre to progress because any details need to be updated manually.

    waste my fucking time you worthless cunts. die.

  • I had this with car insurance the other day. Got a text telling me I've not signed up to the app to check or change insurance details, download app, go to check things and it's just a shit browser and everything is the same as doing it through Chrome or whatever.

  • Why would anyone want an app for a service they only expect to use once a year?

  • I've got no fucking idea.

  • Voicemail.

    Not had it switched on for over a decade now.

    10 years of messages? That must be a bitch to get through

  • Why would anyone want an app for a service they only expect to use once a year?

    I can introduce you to some really shit marketing people who cannot get this concept into their heads.

  • Refuse to use

    "Oh, sorry, I don't have a smartphone/android/iphone/any space left/not my phone/etc" you must have an alternative for this process? If not I guess I will have to take my business elsewhere.

  • Voicemail

    I used to hate having voicemail too—so I disabled it with the ##002# GSM feature code years ago, and have no regrets.

  • I hated voicemail until I got Visual Voicemail on an iPhone. That's a reasonably good interface to the concept of voicemail.

    It also helps that almost everyone that does end up leaving me a voicemail knows how to leave one.

    Friends don't leave voicemails, they just try text/whatsapp next, e.g. "Hey, just tried to call you for a chat but you didn't answer, wondered if you want to go to the pub this evening."

    Companies that leave coherent voicemails get called back, those that don't are just ignored as if they hadn't called at all.

    Don't hate the system, hate the standard interface and/or hate the people that leave long rambling voicemails for no real reason and then garble an incomplete/incorrect phone number at the end of it.

  • I hate ...

    Running over my mower power cable. I blame being distracted by a squirrel but then I've really only got myself to blame.

  • I remember cutting my parent’s rather large lawn in the 70s with about 5 extension cords. The machine was permanently live and I had to wear gloves to insulate myself from the buzz. Salad days.

  • I got Visual Voicemail on an iPhone

    I literally just got this after I updated my phone 5 minutes ago.

    So many missed voicemails.

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I hate

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