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  • some pillock started using it for holidays in your home country

    To replace holibobs?

  • Holibobs, can get in the fucking sea!

  • I'd say holibobs all day if it got rid of nom noms

  • Holibobs, can get in the fucking sea!

    Funny you should say that, as I'm going on a seaside holibob this weekend!

  • The admin staff at my GP's have rules for booking appointments so arcane that the bloody awful online system they offer (which has improved a little over the years) was better even when logging in required you to know 3 different numbers and a password.

    Booking appointments is only allowed for a limited period each day.
    The times are different each day.
    On some days, making an appointment face to face is only allowed for a subset of those hours, otherwise you are only allowed to phone in.
    The rules are not clearly documented in any one place, so you learn them by breaking them and being sneered at.

    Walking into the surgery to be told to go home and phone them is not an experience that makes you like the tinpot little Hitler on the other side of the desk.

    And this surgery is better than my previous one, which I left solely because of the hellish appointments process.

  • Nice choice of bait, you landed a whopper.

  • I hate the price of disc brake pads these days.

  • Why are there “fishing” expeditions in the I hate thread? Is this the equivalent of trying to solve someone’s problem in the rant thread?
    If you can’t say what you hate in here, where can you say it? Is this the pathway to trolldom?

  • I think the modern GP modus operandi is to defer and delay over and over again (whether that be appointments or registration or whatever) until you have no choice but to go to A&E, or even better, just die from your ailment. Problem solved, with minimal effort/cost incurred by the GP and his/her staff.

    The classic Tory pipeline, working as intended

  • It doesnt really affect me but can be off putting for some, for example my partner was told during an appointment to call and book a follow up appointment, only for the receptionist to imply she was lying. I told her to call back and make sure she got her appointment but imagine others would not bother.

    I'm in agreement with you, not sure what the solution is. Probably less overworked doctors, receptionists, nurses etc.

  • The solution, at least in part, would be to nationalise GP practices again. Competing against each other and having to hit commercial targets is reducing quality of care.


  • Misuse of staycation is by people who didn't grow up with holidays that were a rainy tent in Wales or a damp converted barn in Devon.

  • I've had some brilliant holidays in the UK that were neither of those.

  • Yep can't disagree there. I always aimed to remember that the person on the other end of the phone is very likely also in a stressful position seeking help for some health issue. The implication of lying should never be a go to in such a situation and I'd have hoped it would be easy to have checked anyway, the receptionist can see all the records written by the practitioner (at least I could on all of the systems I ever used) and in my eyes it should be common practice that they note a follow up appointment will be required whenever mentioned to the patient.

    Unfortunately I don't really have any answers either, I'd imagine a release on the strain across the whole system and as Stonehedge says, removing the commercial and financial requirements of healthcare would go a long way to making practices able to provide a higher standard and quality of care.

  • I'm genuinely a bit annoyed that this dude casts off one handed then suddenly the rod seems to be in the other hand and the hand he was holding the rod with in the first place is free to operate the reel. Where's the fucking continuity? If he wasn't such a solid looking sarcastic type I'd give him a piece of my mind!

  • removing the commercial and financial requirements of healthcare would go a long way to making practices able to provide a higher standard and quality of care.

    The tories are obsessed with the idea that competition drives up quality. "Let the market decide". It does not, and will never, translate to healthcare.

    To be fair, much of the GP reform came under Blair so its not just a Conservative thing.

  • That's why I'm trying to rebrand it as "home-libobs".

  • I just read that as ‘home-libidos’

  • I think you missed the hand-off. There is a clear hand-off where the rod is passed to the left hand. But whatevs.

    Fishing eh? Leave the fish alone.

  • The fish can get in the fucking sea too.

  • It looks like he was casting a river rod, so putting a fish from the river into the sea wouldn't be very humane. Which fishing clearly is. Humane.

  • Even the freshwater saline-intolerant species?

  • The fish can get in the fucking sea too.

    Thanks Brexit!

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I hate

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