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  • People that blip the throttle. Is it deliberate or a nervous twitch thing, wrist Tourette’s or some such?
    Harley riders do it all the time; in gear or stationary. I guess the vibrations from that throbbing lump between their legs just makes them all goose pimply and their eyes momentarily roll back in their head.
    Fair enough, whatever stirs your porridge, I suppose but what is it with car drivers that do it just before they turn the engine off? Odd.

  • car drivers that do it just before they turn the engine off?

    Announcing their arrival to the locality in general. "I am the owner of a penis substitute, hear me roar"

  • Brilliant.

  • When you finish the washing up, clean up the sink etc then turn around to see a small stack of more dirty dishes. Sigh

  • Apparently people incorrectly used to believe that revving before turning engine off meant your dodgy car was more likely to start first time next time you started it. Is it old folk you see doing it?

    It is, of course, utter bollocks.

  • Getting a dishwasher was one of the best things we ever did, amazing how much bickering went out the window when it arrived...

  • until you discover your enthusiasm for dishwasher tetris is not shared : /

  • People running the tap for a couple of minutes to wash a couple of items, knowing in that time they use more water than an entire dishwasher cycle.

  • If you're not bickering about the correct way to load the bastard, what do you even talk about?

  • Can definitely relate

  • This is definitely not a universal forum experience

  • Ha, so true...

  • my GP receptionist

    Is it a requirement to be a complete arsehole or is it a result of dealing with arseholes all day, either way, get in the bin.

  • It's been said before, but sadly seems to be sticking

    It seems to mean "going on holiday, but still in the country you normally live in, but a different bit, so it isn't really a holiday, you need to fly away for that, you fucking mug"

  • Way back when I was a youngun I was responsible for technical support for a group of about 50 GP practices in North London. Choosing my words diplomatically, you're not wrong.

  • I thought staycation meant to stay at home on your holiday. Like during lockdown.

  • It did, some pillock started using it for holidays in your home country rather than just for holidays at home and it seems to have stuck.

  • Yep I complained about this previously and it seems to be getting a lot lot worse now which I hate even more. 'Enter this competition to win a fantasy staycation, you could be off to a castle in Devon with 5 friends'. Unless you already live in the castle, it's not a staycation is it. You're going on holiday.

  • Im sure they deal with some stupid aresholes all day but Id rather they didnt assume I was one.

    Called on Friday to check my mobile details were correct in the system as various younger people I know at the same surgery have all had their vaccine texts. Turns out yes one number was wrong so they updated it and said someone would call me on Monday to assure me.

    Nobody called so I called back today to check if I needed to do anything given I could have missed a text. Receptionist assumed I was a chancer and basically got told to fuck off. I explained the situation again and she reluctantly looked at the system and then confirmed I had missed a text and someone would call me.

  • To make matters worse, the GPs can be equally if not more challenging than the punters meaning lots of admin staff get it from both directions.

  • Having been on the other side, it does get tough through the day as you do pretty much just get abuse on every other phone call for things that are completely out of your control. Add in with that always needing to be switched on to stop chancers trying to get multiple tramadol prescriptions in a month or people ranting in the waiting room because we're 'holding the appointments for all the Asian people and lying to the white locals' among many other things. I remember we once had a Nurse Practioner helping on the phones who received massive abuse on a call, once she mentioned her name the person on the phone switched completely and started to have a chat about the kids.

    This isn't a rant at you by the way, and from this I'd say it sounds like a completely valid reason to call and the person was a bit of a nob on the other end, but having worked in it I do always try to present how shit it is pretty much all day and how the nicest person in the world can call in and you'll probably sound pissed off to them.

  • It's staycay, to rhyme with vacay.

  • HoliStay, I am British, not 'murica-n

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I hate

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