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  • Did they mean to type ‘fired Nan kilometres’?

  • The stuff available on that page is amazing.

  • A nerd writes: it's short for 'Not a Number' (bit like #NUM! in Excel) and probably implies a glitch in an automated auction posting tool.

  • You could have just told me my joke wasn’t funny..... :-)

  • Your joke was funny to me as the fb post was shared by my funeral director friend who specialises in alternative ceremonies...

  • LOL

    Funeral goals

  • would be more of a target if you're firing a cannon at it..

  • The army and I hate the RAF.

  • Hello sailor!

  • Double roundabouts. Or rather idiots who for some reason can’t work them out for some reason.

  • Similarly, on dual carriageway roundabouts, drivers who turn right when they're in the inside lane across you as you are heading straight on in the outside lane. Milton Keynes is full of this. I developed a sixth sense for it when I lived there, it happened so often

  • Beaten by fucktards that go barrelling into average speed controlled roadworks with 50 limit to pull in front of you and break hard down to 42mph.

    Cheers twats

  • Then they dawdle around in the middle lane, gradually getting up to speed for about a mile after the 50mph limit has ended.

  • heading straight on in the outside lane

    I always thought it was left lane for straight on? It was when I was taught to drive.

  • Beatboxers/beatboxing. Or, more specifically, watching people do it. I just find it really awkward to watch.

  • I hate being asked to act as an intermediary when something needs scheduling. “A meet B and please arrange this” is so much easier than “hello A when are you available” “hello B can you meet A at x o’clock” “hi A, B isn’t available at x, how about y o’clock” ad infinitum.

  • Dual carriageway and roundabout, sorry should have made that clear

  • Sitting in the middle lane for no good reason is a very British thing in my experience. Having driven on the continent a lot I've never seen it to the same extent anywhere else. Probably because you get tailgated within an inch of your life if you try it.

  • In America you get tailgated non stop regardless of what you do. Yanks are the worst drivers on the planet, including 90 year old Hong Kong taxi drivers.

  • French Canadians say hi.

  • In their defence, their stroads are fucking awful.

  • I am currently hating people babbling on their life story after giving the pertinent information at the start of the answer to my question because last Wednesday they remembered that this had come up before, what reminded them of the previous instance was the smell of tomato soup, no not the tinned kind although that is nice sometimes with but the soup with real tomatoes. Supermarket tomatoes are horrible though orange and insipid and they don’t smell! Real tomatoes have a smell..hey where have you gone?

  • Inside lane is for lorries, outside lane is for speed merchants, middle lane is for respectable, Daily Mail reading folks.

  • I don't understand why people insist on driving in the middle lane even when there isn't any other traffic around. Do they just feel safer there?

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I hate

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