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  • Just pray to god they don’t get stuck on a zip wire holding Union jacks

  • Cramp. Rode to Windsor and back yesterday, absolutely killed myself trying to keep up with my much fitter friends on their full carbon road bikes and clearly didn't drink enough water. Ended up hopping about in the middle of the road in Herne Hill trying to stop my leg from cramping like an absolute bastard. Had to get a train home from there.

  • Hah, I had this the other day on the wrong side of a massive hill in the Peak District, rolling around on the heath trying to figure out which position would alleviate the pain, whilst also trying to do the calculus of how cold it was, how far I was from home, and how much my partner would judge me if she had to abandon work in order to drive out to a field in the middle of nowhere to rescue me.

    Eventually limped (literally) back up the hill and then managed the constant downhill home from there.

    Stupid cramp.

  • One of the most profound films of the 21st century has the answer to that one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjSBx8gE­AdU

  • Great advise, will remember that next time i'm in Lidl. My soul is touched.. be happy with what I've got. Freezing the spare buns is what i will do from now on. Peace n Love

  • the snooker is back, so John Virgo again

  • yes!

    I think there should be an option on all televised sport to turn commentary off.
    (Not just muting it, I like the sound just not the inane chuntering)

  • Bike theft. I gifted a bike to somebody in need on Friday last week. It was stolen out of their shed in Catford on Saturday while they were at a hospital appointment. Never had a chance to ride it.

  • Cornflakes for breakfast.

    Cornflakes - a.k.a. milk deflectors - EVERY time I pour milk on my cornflakes, the milk will find that one perfectly cupped cornflake, angled just right to deflect the stream of milk up and onto my lap, or all over the table.

    And I do it every morning, ever optimistic that all will be well.

    It never is.

  • Milk first flakes later?

  • No, I like pouring milk on my cornflakes, to be sure they are all properly drenched.

  • Milkshake smoothie?

    It’s a kids’ breakfast anyway. Grow up.

  • Much like a rogue spoon lurking in the bottom of the sink, perfectly angled to make it look you've wet yourself when you turn on the tap.

  • Pouring, from a great height, into bowl full of cornflakes is how I do it.
    Expecting nothing to go wrong, thanks to my skilful aiming, is my naive, optimistic way.
    Letting out a loud groan when my clean jeans get covered in milk is the inevitible result.
    Yes, I am complex and bizarre, tomorrow will be the same ... otherwise I'd have nothing to hate.

  • I'm a kid at heart.

  • what's an acceptable level of breakfast for a big bloody grown up manly man?

  • Coco Pops

  • Curiously cinnamon

  • Certainly not cereal in a box with a character on the front and a toy inside.

    It’s bad for you too. Loads of added sugar and salt.

    I have raw rolled oats. It’s bland and miserable but, by god, it’s bloody grown up.

  • by god, it’s bloody grown up.

    Thats how I feel about my morning bran flakes.

  • Extremely sweet the bran flake. Shredded wheat and water plz.

  • Not all bran flakes are created equal. And yes, some (including Kellogs) have a lot of sugar in.

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I hate

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