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  • maybe they meant a call back in the comedy sense.

  • Also, fuck you Sophie in the Natwest Verified by Visa team. You're fucking useless.

  • Literally the only benefit to private banking is no longer having to call a call center.

  • Jesus. Seems like half this forum is just content creation for the golf club thread.

  • (Usually white and middle class) people demand the right to make personal attacks on staff at the bottom of the food chain of the organisations and businesses they have issues with.

  • Is that aimed at me?

  • Yes and no. Your comment is not particularly unique in tone in the thread.

  • You seem to be making a lot of assumptions.

  • Jesus. Seems like half this forum is just content creation for the golf club thread

    You're making quite an assumption that I'm talking about myself there!

  • About you, none. About the situation, quite a few.

  • You should see how the local African ladies treat the local Indian shop owners around where I live! Surely person A being frustrated with person B and venting to whatever outlet is available (friend/family/taxi driver/bike forum) is one of the most human of activities and to make this a class/race point seems rather extreme? I'm not saying that how humans interact isn't often a problem and there may well be race/class dynamics to analyse there, but your point here seems unnecessary personal and a bit woke-warrior...

  • The white middle class comment is simply because of the golf club side of the forum, it's really not the point I am making. Plus I have been at the receiving end of a lot of shit from SE Asian customers myself.

    Being angry with a business is one thing, making it personal saying their customer service person is "fucking useless" is uncalled for in most cases. It's a low paid position with little to no job satisfaction, with probably no leeway or actual decision power whatsoever when it's a bank. On top of that it's a department no one gives a shit about within the businesses themselves, and where performance is only assessed quantitatively (x tickets solved per day, no tickets more than 12h old etc...).

    I have an issue with Paypal that's still not resolved several weeks on, it's Paypal that pisses me off, not Darryl that works in a soulless office for 22k a year following guidelines he didn't write.

  • Geared bikes. Shimano shit I-Spec B. They can fuck off.

  • Hot dogs sold in jars of 5 or packs of 4 and buns only in packs of 6

  • Just have to do 30 or 12 at a time.


  • I dunno if it’s because of lockdown or that I live in a posh city, but ffs people are letting their kids go out looking like this

    Boys with long hair no problem, boys with hair like Benny from ABBAs child of the dammed...fucking NO. It’s always the kid with the posh foghorn voice.
    Don’t Boris your kid. Don’t make me hate your child. I have clippers you can borrow

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  • My 20 months old kid has never had a proper haircut and that pic hits me hard.

  • Ok I’m gonna set the bar at school age

  • Same in my neighbourhood in Madrid. Not even that posh but young kids always in Sunday best, including jumpers tied in a knot over their shoulders like dad, often along side their younger/older sibling in EXACTLY the same clothes.

  • Oh, not forgetting -of course- the regulation face mask with the Spanish flag on

  • I mean, thanks, but I hope I won't see Boris when I look at my son tomorrow morning :-(

  • Regulation Spanish flag face mask?
    Oh Covid mask....I was thinking full face for a minute. Our nationalists think the virus isn’t real

  • Put some glasses on him and that looks just like my youngest daughter 😬🤣

  • Same here, regarding the denial, but fines and evil looks still being dished out here for not wearing one outside your house

  • .
    Can I suggest

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I hate

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