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  • Call me old fashioned but I like to enjoy food that I pay for, so why is it now a thing that all multipack varietys containing the best flavour a brand does must include at least 1-2 of the shittest flavours they do. of course it's impossible to sell you a multipack of just the flavour you want instead.

    and where the fuck did mexican chilli mccoys and roast beef and mustard brannigans go to? but we're forced to endure sizzling king prawn abominations when prawn cocktail clearly solved that conundrum years ago.

    somewhere high up at these companies is some twat who lost his sense of taste and is too afraid to tell anyone, he also happens to be the shittest person at making good decisions.

    also anyone who says they like those discs of waxy grease masquerading as kettle chips are fucking liars.

    as you were.

  • brannigans have been discontinued. sad times

  • I blame Lineker for all of the above.

  • I blame Lineker for everything.


  • Don’t say out loud, he’ll hear you.

  • You can still get Seabrooks in multi-packs of just one flavour. Easily the best crisps available in the UK.

  • walkers should bring back the promo where you could find a 5£ or 10£ note in your crisps imo

  • Seabrooks Worcester Sauce are banging

  • mustard brannigans

    You b*stard ;) As I read that I had a short-lived but perfect recollection of their exceptional taste, and now I find out they are discontinued.

  • lamb and mint brannigans were class too imo

    honestly I think my favourite crisps these days are M&S party mix

  • I'm on a diet at the moment and with horrendous GERD have given up crisps which is heartbreaking, but my weekly treat on Saturday night is a bag of Salt and Vinegar Pop Chips

  • M&S big bag of black truffle and olive oil, vegan and fucking amazing.

  • frazzles.

  • I had some vegan facon that tasted exactly like frazzles.

  • The best crisp selections are found in Poundland. In particular the majestic Scampi Fries.

  • People who reply to your Lufguss ads saying “yup” I’ll have that, and then go cold. 4 items in the last week, I’ve gone and got them from my lock-up and cleaned them up for collection, and three of the fuckers haven’t turned up. I’m selling them because I need both the space and the cash, and I still have neither. Stop fucking me around.

  • Smiths, or anything that used to sit under the smiths banner. They were the real innovators of the crisp world. Their greatest hits is ridiculous. Squares S&V it s the trump crisp in my book.

    I mean, this as a selection pack is insane:

  • Oh ffs thanks for ruining my morning.

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363316377658

    This guy has them cheaper. Forum group buy? It’d be a good excuse to start a list of nothing else

  • the real game changer.

  • The problem with buying any of the cheapys is watching the price age with you.

  • I hate banks holding my money and doing what they like with it yet I still have to pay the shitfaces when I want to move some of my money. Fuck them.

  • Salt and Vinegar Pop Chips

    Contender for best crisp currently. Bring it on, haters.

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I hate

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