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  • Bike thieves

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  • Yes, sadly those bike hangers just aren't secure enough, so they're easy pickings for bike thieves.

    (Didn't realise they had them in SW15 - I recognised that road straight away...)

  • We just had one installed in Beulah Road here in Thornton Heath. Needless to say one or more of the local Heathens has already tried to break the lock.

    My wife’s pub bike is locked up outside with a massive chain to my Moto Guzzi plus an additional two D-locks.

    tl:dr - I hate south London.

  • Litter, mostly along the river path between Putney and Mortlake.

    So I've been on https://www.pickerz.co.uk/ and will do some plogging (well, mostly walking) next time I go for a walk along there.

  • That's some impressive tin-snipping though.

  • The way iplayer defaults to the latest episode even if you've never watched the fucking program.

    Seriously. WTF. This is the 3rd time I've watched the last episode all the way through before realising its not the first.

  • Nathan Goodyer. The "builder" from Derby who has taken a shed load of our hard earned and fucked up my house to the extent where we've all had to move out today for safety reasons.

  • Shit - sorry to hear that. I assume youve done the obvious things like getting on to trading standards.

    Is he insured?

    I really feel for you knowing how stressful revocations can be at the best of times.

  • Yeah, trying all sorts but I very much doubt we'll see any money back. To be honest if it was just money I think I could live with it and chalk it up to experience. It's the huge amount of damage he's done to the property in the process. The whole back wall of the house is having to come out :(

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  • If you don't mind sharing, can I ask how he's done the damage?

  • Blimey. Hope you’re all okay.

  • Fuck... that’s gonna need more than polyfilla 😬
    Are you in derby as well? I mean is he local to you? I’d go and park my van on his drive and stay there calling him a cunt at every opportunity

  • Also, are you Aston Barrett?

    Huge if true

  • He failed to correctly support the upper section of the wall whilst removing the lower section. I think we've been lucky it didn't collapse as there's a loft conversion above too.

  • No, we're in Kent. He's done nothing to try and repair the damage and doesn't answer any correspondence. I have no idea how he sleeps at night.

    He ran off to Derby over Christmas and hasn't returned to the best of our knowledge.

    There's another local to us family that we've found that have also been screwed over, but not so much damage as far as I know.

  • We are! Quite a few tears as the realisation set in as to just how badly the house has been affected, but everyone is alive and well! And that's the main thing - bricks and mortar can be rebuilt, and will be!

  • Ha! No, just a regular family man!

  • I assume there's some kind of insurance that can pay to get someone else in to fix or is it a court battle to have it repaired?

  • Oh fucking hell mate.

    Sounds like a tricky situation for sure. Fingers crossed it gets sorted out.

  • Not a great photo, but this gives an idea of how he left the steelwork below the wall.

    Missing quite a few nuts and bolts! We had to add props after getting advice from our structural engineer.

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  • You'd think insurance would cover it, but despite notifying our house insurance provider and providing them with a copy of the builder's insurance there appears to be no cover for this anywhere!

    We're still working on it, but the long and short of it is that our home policy doesn't cover damage caused by the builder's incompetence or negligence and his policy doesn't cover him for the type of building work he was undertaking.

  • THere's no national cover for this? Like when a bank shits it?

    Surely that's illegal on his part and this is now a legal matter and you should be able to reclaim costs through the courts (cue: fucking ballache and years of bullshit). Fuck, that shithouse (bad pun sorry).

    What about those Builder from Hell shows? Get them to track him down (and then after the show find him, kneecap him unless he empties his bank account for you)

  • Hello,

    Who did the structural calculations? Have you got attached neighbours?

    It is not just bricks and mortar, it is your home.

    Speak to the insurance ombudsman, they may be able to help.

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I hate

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