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  • Online retailers who don't have an easy way of searching all products by price.

    I'm trying to spend £2 to hit the free delivery amount and having to go through every single sub-section. Selected the two things I wanted ages ago and still haven't fucking managed to check out!

  • condor?

  • Getting back and realising I forgot the burger sauce

  • The start of colder, damp weather. My muscles and joints protest about moving when I’ve been still for a bit, inside or out. It makes me feel 94 and it’s been happening my entire adult life.
    I know it’s going to get a lot colder but it just seems to be that initial transition that makes them protest. Bleddy weather. S’never right.

  • It's been said on here before, but bears repeating:
    Nationwide adverts with wanky poetry

  • I'm still pissed at Nationwide for https://www.theguardian.com/money/2002/f­eb/21/mortgages.business

    Nationwide Building Society will today offer to compensate customers
    who lost out when they were denied a new, lower base mortgage rate
    introduced last February.

    The move, which would cost the country's second largest lender at
    least £50m, follows a ruling by the financial services ombudsman in
    favour of a Nationwide customer who was stranded on the society's old
    standard variable mortgage rate when it announced the lower rate a
    year ago. The ombudsman said the society had acted unfairly and
    ordered it to pay compensation to the customer, who had a discount

  • The Odeon cinema ads, who writes that fake heart tug shite?

    Good reason to barge in late.

  • People who don’t look after tools, nice kitchen equipment etc.

    In the last 24 hours, I’ve pulled an expensive knife out of the dishwasher where it had been lobbed in with other utensils and had to pick up a saw I let our builder use off the garage floor.

    Why would you do that?

  • Chilblains going to have to buy a larger size of cycling shoe just for winter socks

  • This is one of my pet peeves, drives me nuts...

  • +1.
    Anything really. Years ago working on a road construction site I used to get sarky comments about keeping my car clean. It was the most expensive thing I had bought. Thinking about it, it still is - except the house. I had it for 7 years and was probably just as clean when I sold it.

  • the middle management tit that frequents my local tescos whose job is apparently loudly condescending to the minimum wage folks who work there, by telling them how to stack a shelf more efficiently.

    i don't hate him, i just think he's a tragic cunt who has wasted his life.

  • Not sure how people are still doing this but landlord at my workplace seems to think it's fine to cough into the ether while I'm a metre away from him.

  • seems that while breathing on people is now considered a social faux pas, blowing massive wafting clouds of cigarette smoke straight out of your mouth either directly at or in close proximity to others is still perfectly fine.

  • See also: vape cunts

  • perfume bastards.

  • Are farts in or out?

  • Better out than in, always.

  • only if you have a mask over your bum.

  • I'd bet he was furiously statement clapping the NHS a few months back.

  • If I don't hear the word "vibes" again, I'd be alright with that.

  • First roll of a new deodorant.

  • Being hungover.

  • Seeing quality bikes with overly-long cable ends. 15mm max beyond the pinch bolt please ladies and gents!

  • Quest’s coverage of the Giro.

    ITV’s Vuelta is now such a balm of patient commentary, in depth knowledge and graphic clarity in comparison that I can almost forgive the two year old Zwift ads on permanent rotation.

    How I long for Ned instead of the Partridge esq ravings on Quest... and don’t get me started on Briggins and his Viz character wardrobe..

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I hate

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