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  • people would still offer you £50

    it's exactly this. no concept of value/whether they are being offered a bargain. miraculous how the price they're willing to pay is always 20-30% less than no matter what the item was listed for.

  • My brother gets called by some joker when selling his BMW after the flumpteenth tyre kicker.

    Bloke - "How much is the car?... there's one down the road with ABS for £250 less than yours"
    My brother - "Well buy that one then"
    Bloke - "I'm not sure I like your attitude"
    My brother - "I'm not sure I like yours"

  • I'll take it off your hands for (insert lowball).
    How much for cash (when you're not Delboy and this offer means precisely nothing)

  • How much for cash (when you're not Delboy and this offer means precisely nothing)

    "How about £100 more to cover the hassle and extra Covid risk of going into a bank to deposit it into my account?"

    I always thought "Cheap at half the price" was said sarcastically.

  • When I tried to sell my 2018 XSR700 motorbike, I listed it as the cheapest, lowest mileage in the country - to avoid tyre kickers.

    Still got people offering me 50% off my asking price and calling me (by text / gumtree messaging) a dickhead/arsehole when I politely declined.

    Forgot how painful it is to sell a motorised vehicle, it's even worst than selling a cheap bike on here!!

  • My best price? For that car we advertised for 500 quid? How does 2 grand sound?

    Funny, you get a lot of tumbleweed on gumtree

  • some of that behaviour is justified when you see some prices from Shit Price Merchants® (even on here)

  • “I bought it new for £XXX. I’ve not used it so just want to get my money back”

    Remind me again of my motivation for buying from you over the shop you originally bought it from?

  • I sold a van a few months ago, quite underpriced because I just needed rid of it. Had some bloke turn up, massively lowball me and then get annoyed that I wouldn't accept the offer because he'd driven 2 hours there and it'd be 2 hours home. Not my fault you're a cheap bastard mate.

  • I had a guy buy a guitar off me that wanted £20 worth of petrol off it. Cheap bastard. Hardly my fault where you live is it?

  • Or the other joke here is. "These sell for as much as" translation you can buy a new one if you shop around online for less than I'm hawking it on here...

  • What kind of amateur would take an offer on something that someone travels more than round the corner to come and see?

  • I always assumed that the US “I could are less” was an abbreviation of “like (as if) I could care less” as opposed to the British “I couldn’t care less”. Even if that’s not the case I hate the assumption British people make that Americanisms are wrong. As if, (ZING) every convoluted evolutionary turn of modern British English has been unimpeachably educated and logically sound.

  • Also, the logical rejection assumes it’s used in the same context as the British version which I don’t think holds.

    Dude, I could care less about your argument (meaning I could totally disregard the point you’re making and ignore you completely) but I have chosen to give it , and you, just the (dismissive) amount of attention your point deserves...


  • A lot of American ‘Alternative’ spellinga predate ours!

  • eBay sellers that send you multiple emails/messages as your purchase is processed. I don’t need 10 separate updates ffs.

  • Because someone way back through the deep mists of time wrote “good comms” in their review...

  • Facebook marketplace sellers.
    Usually it’s a case of establishing it’s still for sale, saying you will be round to collect, asking for directions, then.......nothing, end of conversation.
    Today was a riot of dimness on an epic scale. The directions given were crap. I only got remotely near by relating the name of the house (Moor cottage) to satellite images. In an area where anyone’s neighbours are at least two fields away we took a chance that a 1/2 mile long farm road would have a sign at the end to the house we were looking for - fortunately, it did. Once on the right trail we had to negotiate 3/4 mile of rough stony track which my car kept bottoming out on. No warning about that. We were bang on time but the seller wasn’t in! 5 mins later they turned up to say they had gone down to the road to save us driving down the track! Funny, we didn’t pass you.
    “Oh we came from town , I picked my son up from school. I have what you want in the car”
    Ah, that will be town 5 miles (and 10,000 miles of tyre wear) away, where we have just come from, cheers”
    Dumb ass.

  • Have you tried selling on Facebook? The dickheads, hagglers and tyre kickers are a nightmare. And they’re rude with it.

  • Selling? Yep. Had two “is this still available” messages. I replied ‘yes’ and that was the end of that.

  • To be fair, it is scarily easy to send that enquiry accidentally. I have twice apologised when I have received an unexpected reply to a message I hadn’t realised I had sent.

  • Facebook has pre written questions which are quite curt.

  • Those just seem to be the rules of the the game on MarketPlace, some of the people I had to deal with were unbelievable pricks but I do miss the amazin' barginz...

  • Yep, I picked up an immaculate Trek Madone 5.1 for peanuts because the seller was looking for a local buyer. I sold it for peanuts too, which was an error.

    That’s another pet hate: selling a bike because I feel guilty about having bought it when I already have six bikes, and then regretting the sale and wasting hours searching for a replacement. And trying to explain this to Mrs Ludd.

  • I binned Facebook earlier this year, very happy I did but man, those bargains still call my name... They may not have come every day but they were great when they did pop up... I'm a compulsive bargain hunter so I was on it all the bloody time, not a good thing... 😂

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I hate

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