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  • Indeed. It’s relatively easy to make good coffee at home, so it annoys me when I buy some out somewhere and it’s shit.

  • Forum specific, but for some reason I have an irrational hatred of people posting “wanted” adverts in the regular classifieds section. There’s a dedicated forum for them,
    FFS. Is that so hard to do?

  • Yeah, bit annoying.
    I think it's deliberate sometimes, more eyes on the sales classifieds rather than wanted

  • Emerging from lockdown only for the whole family to get horrible coughs and colds. Forgot how shit this is. Trying to work and look after two sick kids while my wife is laid up in bed And I’m coming down with it as well. Take me back to quarantine pleases

  • *american lady-bot voice

    "connected to... fatberg's iphone...

    fatberg's iphone: disconnected, ready to pair

    ...mobile device not found

    connected to....

    *long list of devices belonging anyone who has ever played music though my little bluetooth speaker over the last 5 years...


    *music plays from my phone's tinny speakers


  • 'on the weekend'

  • On a conference call.

    The cunt that is talking is also eating.

    I hope you fucking choke to death.

  • tell him you'll sign off and come back when he's done.

    inexcusable at any level.

  • The cunt that is talking is also eating in the toilet trap

    Seen that before

  • 💩

  • I do that on purpose when cunts in the UK schedule calls at 8pm my time.

  • I work with a conference call nose picker. I have snapped twice so far.

  • i mean - by all means, dig away, but cams off, shirley?

  • I've literally left the house twice in the last couple of weeks and I've somehow picked up a cold.

  • "hey mate, I don't want to lowball, but I thought I'd let you know I'd take this off your hands anyday for (half the advertised price)"

    Fuck off...mate

  • "what's your best price?"

  • “Cheap at half the price”
    No. That would make it twice as expensive as cheap so, therefore, not a bargain.
    Say ‘Cheap at twice the price’.

  • That new Andrex "Arse" commercial.

  • pet peeve when your stovetop effort can destroy a three quid coffee.

  • Cheap at half the price”

    No. That would make it twice as expensive as cheap so, therefore, not a bargain.
    Say ‘Cheap at twice the price’.

    Yep, this boils my piss too. Especially as the correct form has the added bonus of a rhyme in it.

  • I concur!

    I've just started selling stuff at inflated prices on eBay so that way I get the price I would have got on LFGSS once all fees are paid.

    You can put a set of Campagnolo Delta brakes on here at £100, people would still offer you £50

  • Similar to 'I could care less'. Infuriating.

  • ^ aaaaaarrrrrgggggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!

  • Dealing with eBay/PayPal refunds, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! 🤯

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I hate

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