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  • Looks like a viz top tip!

  • That looks really nice! Sorry, I should have mentioned that the peaches on my pizza were tinned peaches.

  • Tinned peaches are amazing....but not on pizza. šŸ¤®

    In a bowl with evaporated milk the desert of champions.šŸ‘

  • Agree! Tinned fruit of any sort is brilliant (not on pizza).

  • It was good but not excellent

    Too much cheese and neither washed rind cheese made a perfect match with the peaches.

    But tinned peaches on a Margarita sound like the devils work.

  • The current spate of ads by by Banks marketing themselves as caring & friendly during the current pandemic.
    Or am I being cynical?

  • No you're not. Am suprised all the gambling motherfuckers aren't claiming they're supporting the nation.

  • Boris gambled on herd immunity and still claims to be saving the nation

    Oh, you mean the betting companies

  • Yep

  • banks here in NZ charge businesses for PayWave, you know, a perfect contactless payment method which would be great in an infectious pandemic situation...but the cunts charge and many small businesses, already struggling from the economic downturn, can't afford to have the "luxury"


    banks are cunts

  • the realisation that, having done a poo then eaten a banana, one object has been replaced with another of identical size and shape

  • Throw the banana down the loo and miss out the middle man :)

  • Best thing to do with bananas.

  • There's rep all over this page.

  • Working in between 2 car garages. Engines running all day, constant smell of exhaust fumes, idiots parking in our spaces, general driver nonsense (blasting shit music, doing burnouts/wheelspins)

    Also, What's the deal with all the fucking 4x4s in Croydon! Fucking loads of them

  • And while weā€™re here, those fuck-nuggets with exhausts that pop like shotguns. Fuck. Off. You. Tiny. Tool.

  • Foxes and their sex shrieks.

    Outside the bedroom window, right at that point of the night when you're supposed to be deep asleep.

    Skanky ginger shitbags.

  • And then the mid- / post- foxfucking pleasure chirrups.

    I need to bleach my ears.

  • My ex girlfriend was a bit of a fox

    By that I mean she was ginger, sometimes ate from bins...

  • And shit on top of scraps of rubbish in the street?

  • Cubs are cute though. 3 new cute little fuckers in the gardens this spring/summer

  • (Repost of #14207, by @ric_a5)


    Suffered a local news report on Southend having a tourism boom.
    The mayor/councillor/whatever must have said "staycation" 20+ times in a 2 minute segment.
    "people are travelling from all over the country for their staycation in Sarfend"
    Unsure how not staying somewhere is a staycation.

    Also, its an awful portmanteau of an Americanism.
    Why not Holistay?

  • I was having that discussion with my brother - shouldn't a staycation be when you stay at home? Rather than take a holiday in your own country, which is just, well, a holiday? As if people who don't go abroad don't really have a holiday?

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I hate

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