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  • Nah Suede were just landfill scagghead drag act indie schmindie

  • slowly walking down the hall, faster than a cannonball

  • Any band who wrote Country House is a novelty band.

  • Nah Suede were just landfill scagghead drag act indie schmindie


  • arguing about britpop is golf lads pack it in

  • It’s all gone a bit fucking Lamacq in here...

  • Lamacq


  • Aka the smallest man in radio.

    He could probably sleep in a bed made from your average radio.

  • Slagging bands off is surely the exact purpose of the ‘I hate’ thread.

    It’s the people getting defensive who are missing the point.

  • What's wrong with simply fucking red?;!!!!?!

    True story. I saw BB King's last ever London gig at the Royal Albert Hall. He started to bring some guest musicians on stage.

    "My good friends, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi"
    They come on. Crowd applauds.
    "My good friend Ronnie Wood!"
    Ronnie Wood comes on. Crowd goes nuts.
    "My good friend, Slash"
    Slash comes on. Crowd goes really nuts.
    "My good friend..."
    Crowd gets excited. Who the fuck is so good they come on after Ronnie Wood and Slash!?!?
    "Mick Hucknall"
    The groan from the crowd was pretty audible.

  • if it's musical hates, then surely the simpering, breathy, boredom pop infecting the digital airwaves is the one that gives me the irrits.
    Billie Eilish, Lana Del Ray, Lorde and their ilk can all fuck off. Music "journalists" fawn over this trio of creative voids and just can't get enough of the soporific dross, praising their pained creative genius.

    Oh, and music "journalists", you can fuck off and all. Get a Pitchfork up you!

  • this trio of creative voids


  • it's not for you unfuckable internet nerds

  • The best way to deal with people not doing what you want them to do is not give a single fuck about anything, ever, under any circumstances. Its a difficult state of mind to get to, but bliss once you get there.

    2 months late I know but this golden rule of life is something I try to live by as well.

  • Very difficult place to get to, agreed, the only way to protect one's mental health...

  • Billie Eilish

    Probably more I've never 'Got' in my case, but I agree. So many people claim she has talent, I don't see/hear it

  • The archers. My mum loves it. Hated us watching neighbours back in the day but infuriated when talked over a Grundy or the like

  • More and more talk of the "DNA of the club".

    Just heard it on the radio talking about cricket.


  • The hashtag and variations thereafter of


    On consultancy/tech firms website blurb

    Fucking stop it

  • I fucking hate hashtags in general.

  • I hate being a manager... Life was so much simpler when I was a freelancer, I could come and go as I pleased, work when I wanted to, free as a bird I was...

    Now I've got to deal with workshy pricks with their bullshit stories about why they can't make it to work... This morning I'm dealing with two twisted ankles and a car that won't start...

    Fuck... Off... You... Cunts...

  • How can you walk to your car when both your ankles don’t work?

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I hate

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