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  • I used to love that LP, still got it... I think Iggy's live zenith as a solo artist was when Sonic's Rendezvous Band backed him on his '78 European tour... Just incredible...

    He's been shit ever since...

  • In my very humble, irrelevant opinion, obvs...

  • I rejected Oasis at the time as was too busy with Tim Dog, Rumpletilskinz and Yaggfu Front. However this was useful to help reappraise.

  • In the mid 90s as a teenager, I was Oasis over Blur.
    Although I preferred The Bluetones over both.

    Now as an adult, I appreciate Blur more than Oasis.
    Although I prefer The Bluetones over both.

  • Tim Dog

    Is he still dead?

  • Nah they were shit....really shit

    The only good thing they ever did was the video where Noel talks over their promo videos and he realises how fucking awful they were. They fucked up a perfectly decent record label, they made it ok for silly cunts to wear coats on stage, they were responsible for making live shows into punchy swaggering side eye cuntfests, they caused Brexit, they caused Cast, suddenly these music experts popped up in the pub talking earnestly about the Beatles when you know full well they were listening to Simply Fucking Red 12 months prior.

    You know what? All of the above would have been ok if they could have constructed a lyric that made any Fucking sense what so ever. Instead gibberish. The cheeky girls had stronger lyrics

  • Is it my imagination
    Or have I finally found something worth living for?
    I was looking for some action
    But all I found was cigarettes and alcohol

    A modern classic.

  • (to be honest they are a bit shit but I loved them as a kid and still think they're good fun in a very over the top, nobheady kind of a way)

  • What's wrong with simply fucking red?;!!!!?!

  • Incoherent

    The first stanza contradicts the second an I’ll bet my left Fucking nut they didn’t do that on purpose

  • Other than the fact that the vocalist looks like someone dropped a mop head on joint of ham?

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  • You'd be incoherent too if you were pissed and beaked up to the gills 24 hours a day. Give the guy a break.

  • They fucked up a perfectly decent record label

    That sold 12 records and the remaining got fucking stolen by the staff!

    You're wrong, none of the bands/styles/attitudes/politics that followed was the fault of Oasis. They just happened to tap into post Ecstasy British malaise and got it absolutely spot on 💁♂️

  • Quite impressive that Oasis sold 41 million shit records. Might see if they can help me sell the Graham Weigh that I can't shift.

  • I think if one's music taste hasn't changed for 25 years that's a bit sad

    Like if you spent a lot of your time watching reruns of Gladiators or Fort Boyard. Surely there's new things that are more appealing out there

  • Blur are a novelty band. Albarn probably had a decent musical in him.

    I liked Oasis as a kid but on reflection I accept that their only good song was the one from the Royle Family. The rest is pretty dire.

    Pulp knock them both into a cocked hat.

  • ?

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  • Also, I hate being ill off work and having to resort to trying to wind strangers on the internet up to keep myself entertained.

  • Go and have a chat on line with Liam.

  • shagged on average one lady every 28 minutes since 1987

  • Damon Albarn writes an extraordinary good and varied output of music. Hardly a novelty band.

    Pulp were very good too.

    Suede were the original and best though, we can all agree on that.

  • No wonder he looks like a sagging husk

  • Guyz just because you don't like it doesn't mean its shit. It's ok not to like everything.

  • Is that "imagination" pronounced "imaginaaaayysheeeyunnnnn"?

  • imaginaaaayysheeeyunnnnn

    oh yehhhhh

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I hate

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