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  • I will have used wrapping paper on 25th December, if anyone wants some it's yours for a small fee.

    Also if you want to make shiny things on strings to deter birds from your garden, I have some mince pie trays. £1 a pop.

  • What is this, a @Vince freecycle/sale post?

  • it's a live plant/tree, would like it to go to a new home/garden after it's done it's christmas duty.
    Would you rather we just chucked it?

  • Bike parts - totally free

    to anyone who buys a £250 case of Champagne

  • 'Best records of 2019' articles that are released a month or more before the end of the year.

  • Very few new albums get released in the weeks prior to Xmas because everyone is buying gifts from the top 100 albums of the year.

  • You could give it away for free since someone would be doing you a favour in taking it so it seems?

  • planned obsolescence: I understand the principle and reasoning, but on a planet of dwindling resources and mountains of waste, why the fuck is this still a thing.
    Curtains in my son's room are on these plastic track glides

    that are apparently made of a plastic that is not UV resistant, which as well as being a major flaw, is a major pain. So the choices are replace all existing curtains and fittings (expense and waste of perfectly functional items), for some other poorly designed, guaranteed to fail within a year planned obsolescence, or continue replacing the short-lived slides.

  • Sell son, install blinds.

  • Friends-in-law had a near 100% mortality rate.

    What kind of plants did you give 'em?

  • Driving through town the other night (and this happens a lot);
    Cars are queueing and the driver of the one in front has their foot on the brake and the indicator on (car is in a right turn only lane and simple observation shows we ain't going anywhere soon ). It's raining hard and the raindrops are refracting and multiplying the glare from the high level tail lights. Its like I woke with a hangover after falling face-first into a Christmas tree.
    Handbrake, neutral, cancel indicator!

  • I've always wondered....cars with autohold....does the brake light come on when it's engaged?

  • @Stonehedge I don't think so, the car I use the autohold is only engaged by pressing the brake pedal, so it comes on but goes off again as soon as you take you foot off the pedal. I still don't trust the auto handbrake things, and still think when stationary at lights on steep hills its going to come off and I'll roll into the car behind.

    On a similar note, my work has a private secure car park that I have to get out of the car and wave my fob at the sensor to open the gate. I then have to get back in the car and drive into the car park, and as it only about 50 yards to my parking spot I don't bother putting my seat belt on, and the car shits itself and beeps constantly at me.

    Fucking annoying, so I ignore the beeps and park anyway. But the car is an insistent fucker and is determined to get its way, so when I park, the autohold/parking brake can only be activated if the drivers seat belt is on, it just won't activate at all otherwise. So I have to put my seat belt on, to activate the brake and then take it off again immediately, it drives me fucking mad.

    And if you put a decent sized bag of shopping on the passenger seat it thinks its a person and again goes into constant beeping mode, wanting me to put a seat belt on the shopping. I can be a stubborn fucker and have driven 5 miles home once as a test with it beeping constantly, to see if it calls the police on me or does an emergency stop and shuts down completely (it didn't thankfully). I just cranked the stereo up and swore at the car all the way home.

    I know what I'm doing car, will you please shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to yourself....and breathe.

  • Is it leased?

    If not you can get some sort of dongle thing that allows you to adjust all the factory settings on a car.

  • Cheers @hugo7, it's a Zipcar so alas I can't change any of the settings, ear plugs or louder techno is the only answer it seems.

  • I really struggle with people sat on their brakes in queues. I think I'm particularly sensitive to bright light, gives me a flaming headache.

    My company car has auto hold/handbrake and TBH its a brilliant feature. For me as the driver. But to my horror I've realised that when in use it leaves the brake lights on. It's a real pet hate of mine so feel very guilty whenever parked in traffic as I know my brake lights will be burrowing into the retina of the occupants behind like the eye of Sauron.

  • I really struggle with people sat on their brakes in queues.

    Yeah, it's up there with shit drivers who ride the clutch for minutes on end in queues on hills. (pet peeve of mine as my office is on a busy hill...)

  • I hate myself for having a car that makes me look like the type of driver I hate. On the plus side its enabled me to make a genuine contribution to the I hate thread. Very much enjoyed the last couple of pages, particularly the Christmas tree/wrapping paper exchanges.

  • I hate George Ezra's voice.

  • A lack of the most basic manners. Probably been mentioned on here before.
    I apologise.

  • I really struggle with people sat on their brakes in queues. I think I'm particularly sensitive to bright light, gives me a flaming headache.

    Same. I started to notice this more and more a few years ago. Nowadays it seems it's rife!!
    Anyway, my step-son recently started taking lessons and it turns out that new drivers are actually taught to sit on the brakes. Apparently the handbrake is just a 'parking brake'.
    I questioned it obviously but then he was taught the same thing by a different instructor.
    It's possible both instructors are being dicks and teaching bad habits but if not this sucks.
    How can it possibly apply for hill starts?! I guess that would be the exception to the rule.

  • I learned to drive last year and can confirm I was taught to sit on the brake in traffic too. Hand brake only for hill use or when parked. That said, our car auto holds...no idea if brake light comes on when doing so but will check later.

  • I learned to drive recently. Was taught to keep it in gear, clutch down and foot brake on, unless on the flat when you can take your foot off the brake without the car rolling. This means not only do I incur the wrath of several formegers but I'm not in the habit of using the handbrake for stop/starting so I kind of wish I was taught to drive this way as it would make some situations easier to deal with.

    You can also cross your hands these days and the "10 and 2" steering wheel position is gone.

  • I learned to drive last year and can confirm I was taught to sit on the brake in traffic too.

    Blimey! It's a thing then. New drivers taught to blind drivers behind them and force their hot front brake pads and discs together for as long as possible....

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I hate

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