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  • TBF, they might mention how athletic the black guys look.

  • When I was working at Net-A-Porter, we once had an Alexander McQueen knitted Christmas jumper on the site, priced at £1350. It did have metal nipple tassels but I don't think they were platinum.

  • Job hunting. I haaaate job hunting. I just want a job to do, get paid to solve problems and talk to people, I can do any job, because most jobs are a piece of piss, just give me a job.

  • Companies with a contact info page that includes a person's name, but not any actual contact info.
    What do you want me to do, shout your name until you hear me?

  • Google business. Trying to verify I am the owner of my business is like running up a greased down-escalator wearing rollerskates.
    I have moved very far away from my previous address and business and need to alter my listing. I have been trying off and on for three months. You have to verify with a code which they post to you. They have done this 4 times and each time the only page I can navigate to is the one to request a new verification by post. My mail redirection ends tomorrow. I want to get customers from here not 200 miles away!! Sure I can create a new ID but I am still going to have to ask every enquiry where they are calling from.

  • Sitting in the smell of pork scratchings after burning yourself with a very high temp soldering iron.

  • Not being able to remember the right way to do something you have done plenty of times but not regularly because most of the time you do it wrong initially and remember that instead of the right solution.

  • Armchair mental health clinicians

    “Ooh I’m OCD me”
    Says a person who likes to present themselves as fastidious

    “I think he’s a bit *on the spectrum *” winks tapping his head.

    Any other diagnostic gems?

  • Pregnancy gender predictions?

  • Eurgh fucking 'gender reveal parties'

  • Such an odd one.

    I get the concept and the industry's desire to create another event to fleece women. But it seems so strange that it's come about at a time, and in countries, where you'd expect people to be less geared toward trite gender stereotypes.

  • Agreed.
    An old colleague had one, ran around like an absolute twat when he found out it was [gender], like he had scored an FA cup winning goal.

    I'd like to think if it was [alternate gender] he would have kicked over the cake and sent everyone home in a sulk.

    [I have no idea which sex it is, even after the birth it got given some name like Harley or Headingly]

  • Edgbaston?

  • The classic was 'i'm so depressed' when you're a bit sad when you're young

  • 'pre-loved' as a wanky term for 'used'

    This turdlet arrived home from school a while ago:-

    [ Annoyed me so much I took a photo of it ... ]

    No need to have to guess the font. Yes it was. Enjoying the casual sexism too.

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  • Sell your children.

  • The way to respond to people having "gender" reveal parties, is to refer to them as "fetus genitalia obsession" parties.

  • Pleasantly surprised at the lack of apostrophes on ‘books’ and ‘dvds’

  • I hate how it seems to be standard now to ignore an invite as a way of saying 'nah i'm not coming but thanks'. Particularly in group chats on fb/whatsapp.

  • Loving the additional scrawls that Sarah has added in panic after realising there's not going to be anyone there. Or know where it is. Or that it's free entrance for buyers.

  • I'd say it needs to be Mums' not Mum's.

  • +1

    Sometimes it seems like people leave it hanging and are just hedging their bets to see who else is going to go.

    Fuck off. This isn't secondary school.

  • You got invited to things at secondary school?

  • You got invited to things at secondary school?

    Considerably more often than I do as an adult

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I hate

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