I hate

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  • Also, making a hating-on-Twitter post not having read further up the page first grargh

  • Lol new page.
    It’s how they get ya.

  • all twitter hate is welcome here.

  • When your dishwasher just decides it can’t be arsed cleaning some of the dishes and leaves crap all over them.

    Mine is currently channelling my old uni housemate.

  • This. So much this.

  • Ditto for washing machines. You only find out when the clothes/towels/whatever are dry that they are crusty and stink of the worst socks in that wash.

    Also when the crud that is hiding in the door seal decides to make a break for the outside world by covering the biggest item as you get it out the drum - usually a (the only) bed sheet and never on a dark wash.

  • when the crud that is hiding in the door seal

    Er, quick wipe on the seal after every wash cycle?

  • I take it you have never owned a Zanussi?
    Every time I clean it I find a new fold in the drum/casement seal.

  • Moving flats... Packing up wrapping stuff loosing the scissors. Packing something you need but you ain't sure what box it's was in. Cleaning up the old flat... Cleaning the new one.

  • Pack a day bag with kettle, mug, tea bags and biscuits and you will be able to handle anything.

  • 👍Noted custard creams will be my selection

  • Thermos flash of hot drink is even simpler.

  • People that insist on eating hot food on a train. Wait til you get home You inconsiderate tit.

  • There ain't no home. I eat where I can.

  • Mmmm now the chewing sounds are kicking in.

  • Ordering something next day that doesn't turn up next day. At least you can get a refund.

    In this case it's ordering something that says 2 days and now is arriving in 1 day when I'm not there so paying the extra was a waste of money and I'll probably have to go to some fucking depot or wait another day for it.

  • On Chrome on Android I find that changing the browser setting to Desktop Site fixes that.

  • The font/badge used on the Tesla Model X.

  • thank you for the tip, I’ll see what I can pick through in iOS : )

  • People who can't make up their fucking minds... Been lining someone up for a role at work, sealed the deal last week after much courting and many concessions... Was so happy, great fit for all concerned...

    Tonight they say they've changed their mind!! I've either been nobbled, gazumped or used as leverage...

    Hate it... Fucking hate it...

  • I just hate people really...

    Useless, unreliable pricks the lot of them...

  • Tonight they say they've changed their mind!!

    That makes them a flake, bullet dodged.

  • My job, time to start looking i think.

  • TS has a vacancy.

  • +1
    Kind of had the opposite. Agreed to do some work for a client, waited for brief. Brief was late, chased and heard nothing. Now I’ve just been apologised to profusely and told it’s being delayed. Great - no way you could have kept me in the loop there? I’m sure I’ll find something to do with that block of time - like stress about not being able to fill it last minute and then not having enough money next month.

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I hate

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